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Presentations at the 4. TerraSAR-X Science Team Meeting (14-16 February 2011 at DLR Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany)

List of oral presentations

The title links to the full paper of the presentation if available. If not, the slides of the presentation at the meeting will be displayed.

InSAR applications
TitleAuthorProposal ID
A robust Small Baseline method to derive deformation sequences from TerraSAR-X time series Knospe,Steffen - Clausthal University of Technology, Inst. of Geotechnical Engineering GEO0295
Application of TerraSAR-X plus other InSAR and in-situ data to Kilauea volcano deformation source processes Lundgren,Paul - Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Division 32 GEO0192
Evaluation of X-band InSAR observations for surface change detection associated with tectonic and non-tectonic processes Motagh,Mahdi - Helmholtz Center Potsdam, GFZ, Geodesy and Remote Sensing GEO0179
Postseismic deformation following the 2010 Haiti earthquake: Groundwater flow in response to a sudden uplift Wdowinski,Shimon - Florida International University, Earth and Environment GEO0746
Detection of the deformation and generation of high density PS-DEM in volcanic area using multi-stack high resolution TerraSAR-X images Cong,Xiaoying - Technische Universität München, IMF MTH0370
Intrusion triggering of the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull air-traffic disrupting eruption Hooper,Andrew - Delft University of Technology, Department of Remote Sensing GEO0609
Imaging Geodesy - Archaeology - Erosion / Short Report from Projects Eineder,Michael - DLR, IMF MTH0628
Survey of landslide activity, rockglacier movement and surface glaciers velocity in the Swiss Alps Strozzi,Tazio - Gamma Remote Sensing AG, - LAN0411
HIGH-RESOLUTION INTERFEROMETRIC MONITORING OF PITON DE LA FOURNAISE WITH TERRASAR-X DATA Froger,Jean-Luc - Observatoire de Physique du Globe de Clermont-Ferrand, UBP, Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans LAN0237
Landslide monitoring in the Three Gorges region (China) using TerraSAR-X Spotlight images and InSAR time-series techniques Singleton,Andrew - University of Glasgow, School of Geographical and Earth Sciences GEO0112
Delta-k Wideband SAR Interferometry for DEM Generation and PSI using TerraSAR-X Brcic,Ramon - DLR, IMF-SV MTH0366
On the selection criteria for pixel candidates in PSI: potentials of polarimetry Lopez-Sanchez,Juan M - University of Alicante, DFISTS, EPS GEO0389
Forest applications
TitleAuthorProposal ID
New Forestry Products from Dual and Quadpol Terrasar-X Data Cloude,Shane - AEL Consultants, N/A LAN0638
Aboveground biomass assessment in tropical forests – Regression modeling versus Support Vector Machine classification using combined X- and L-band SAR data Englhart,Sandra - Remote Sensing Solutions Gmbh, LMU Biology LAN0236
Mapping of clear-cuts and wind-thrown forest with TerraSAR-X Eriksson,Leif - Chalmers University of Technology, Dept. of Earth and Space Sciences LAN0126
Analysis of forest cover with LANDSAT and TerraSar-X data in cloud tropical forest of San Eusebio, Mérida, Venezuela López Hernández,Juan Ygnacio - University of Freiburg, FELIS MTH0493
Mapping forest types with TerraSAR-X imagery Ortiz,Sonia M. - Forest Research Institute of Baden Württemberg, Biometrics LAN0129
Using single date TerraSAR-X High Resolution Spotlight data for tropical forest cover classification Knuth,Ralf - Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena, Department of Geography MTH0413
Using TerraSAR-X data for mapping of damages in forests caused by the pine sawfly (Diprion pini) Martin,Klaus - SLU, Company for Remote Sensing and Environmental Research, N/A LAN0010
Coherence as a supplement to InSAR height for forest monitoring Solberg,Svein - Norwegian forest research institute, forest ecology LAN0101
Urban applications
TitleAuthorProposal ID
Coherence and multitemporal intensity metrics of high resolution SAR images for urban change detection Thonfeld,Frank - University of Bonn, Center for Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces (ZFL) LAN0125
Cities from Space using TerraSAR-X data Taubenböck,Hannes - German Aerospace Center (DLR), German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD) LAN0860
Curvelet-based Change Detection for Construction Site Monitoring Schmitt,Andreas - DLR-DFD-US, Oberpfaffenhofen LAN0481
Risk applications
TitleAuthorProposal ID
Measurement of the flows and deposits at erupting volcanoes using TerraSAR-X data Wadge,Geoff - University of Reading, Environmental Systems Science Centre GEO0436
Change Detection for Earthquake-damaged and Reconstructed Urban Area on SAR images ZHANG,Hong - Center for Earth Observation & Digital Earth, CAS, Open lab LAN0035
A near real-time flood detection algorithm for urban and rural areas using TerraSAR-X data Mason,David - University of Reading, Environmental Systems Science Centre HYD0363
Differentiation and extend of Aquatic Weeds over Lake Kyoga by multiple Remote Sensing technology farghaly,dalia - lueneburg university, faculity III - campus suderburg LAN0499
Land cover applications
TitleAuthorProposal ID
Evaluation of DEM derived from TerraSAR-X data Sörgel,Uwe - Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Photogrammetrie LAN0634
3-D and 4-D Tomographic Urban Mapping using TerraSAR-X Spotlight Data Zhu,Xiao Xiang - Technische Universität München, Remote Sensing Technology Institute MTH0104
Retrieval of rice phenology by means of copolar dual-pol images provided by TerraSAR-X Lopez-Sanchez,Juan M - University of Alicante, DFISTS, EPS LAN0021
Contribution of TerraSAR-X Data to In-Season Crop Mapping in Canada SHANG,JIALI - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Research Branch LAN0337
Improvement of crop classification accuracy using multi-frequency synthetic aperture radar data Wu,Bingfang - Institute of Remote Sensing Applications, Chinese Academy of Science, Lab for Agriculture and Environment LAN0563
Characterization of surface roughness in the semi-arid environment of the Tibetan Plateau by ground measurements and TerraSAR-X backscattering intensity Hochschild,Volker - Universitaet Tuebingen, Geographisches Institut HYD0534
TOWARDS AUTOMATED LAND COVER MAPPING UTILIZING THE SYNERGY OF X-, C- AND L-BAND SAR DATA Riedel,Tanja - Friedrich-Schiller-University, Earth Observation LAN0125
Land cover mapping by Import Vector Machines, using multitemporal TerraSAR-X data Waske,Björn - Freie Universität Berlin, Insitut für Geographische Wissenschaften HYD0648
Investigations of TerraSAR-X and Cosmo-SkyMed backscatter intensity and interferometric coherence over temperate forested areas Ackermann,Nicolas - Friedrich Schiller university of jena, Earth Observation LAN0125
Comparative analysis of TerraSAR and RADARSAT-2 strip map data Rabus,Bernhard - Simon Fraser Univsersity, Applied Sciences, School of Engineering LAN0188
Ocean applications
TitleAuthorProposal ID
Near Real Time Applications for Maritime Surveilance Lehner,Susanne - DLR Oberpfaffenhofen, MF SAR BF COA0274
Fine-scale structure of the upper layer of the ocean from in-situ measurements and SAR satellite imagery Soloviev,Alexander - Nova Southeastern University, Oceanographic Center OCE0143
2-D velocity retrieval of moving object from a single stripmode TerraSAR-X data Won,Joong-Sun - Yonsei University, Earth System Sciences COA0047
Potential for mapping intertidal coastal wetlands from TerraSAR-X imagery DEHOUCK,Aurelie - GEO Transfert, UMR EPOC, Université de Bordeaux LAN0237
On the Use of Multi-Frequency SAR Imagery for a Surveillance of the Wadden Sea Ecosystem on the German North Sea Coast Gade,Martin - Universität Hamburg, Institut für Meereskunde COA0118
Numerical Simulation of the Effect of Wind Stress and Thermal Stratification on Sea Surface Features in SAR Imagery Matt,Silvia - Nova Southeastern University, Oceanographic Center OCE0143
Synergy and Fusion of Optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite Data for Underwater Topography Estimation in Costal Areas Pleskachevsky,Andrey - DLR, Remote Sensing Technology Institute COA0146
Detection of groundwater discharge and oyster reef in tidal flat using synthetic aperture radar Kim,Duk-jin - Seoul National University, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences COA0857
The Compound project DeMarine-Security Rosenthal,Wolfgang - Gauss, DeMarine OCE0418
Polar applications
TitleAuthorProposal ID
TerraSAR-X activities at CCRS (GEO0231, LAN0440, HYD0596/0885, LAN0225) Charbonneau,Francois - Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, Earth Observation and Geosolutions Division GEO0231
Glacier Surface motion estimation in the Himalaya using TerraSAR-X spotlight repeat pass data Venkataraman,Gopalan - Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Centre of studies in Resource Engineering LAN0122
Radar^2 – vertical and horizontal structure of Fimbulisen, Antarctica. A synthesis of TerraSAR-X imagery and ground-based radar data Humbert,Angelika - University of Hamburg, Institute of Geophysics LAN0013
Seasonal Periglacial Activity in Permafrost Landscapes Measured with High-Resolution InSAR Time Series Larsen,Yngvar - Norut, Earth Observation GEO0565
TerraSAR-X acquisitions on the Antarctic ice sheet in support of the International Polar Year Floricioiu,Dana - DLR, IMF HYD0438
Ice Front Position, Thinning and Speed Variability of Jakobshavn Isbrae, Greenland Joughin,Ian - University of Washington, Polar Science Center HYD0754
Ice flow dynamics and mass balance of Vantajökull outlet glaciers observed by TerraSAR-X Nagler,Thomas - ENVEO, N/A HYD0096
Using TerraSar-X imagery for the monitoring of permafrost dynamics in Northern Quebec May,Inga - Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, Department of Geography LAN0500
High Resolution Sea Ice Drift derived from TerraSAR-X Data Hamidi,Dimitri - DLR, IMF-GW CAL0166
Experimental modes
TitleAuthorProposal ID
TerraSAR-X Along-Track InSAR Data Processing for GMTI: Overview and Results Suchandt,Steffen - German Aerospace Center (DLR), Remote Sensing Technology Institute LAN0226
Status Report on Current Measurements by TerraSAR-X Along-Track InSAR Romeiser,Roland - University of Miami, RSMAS-AMP MTH0929
Long-Term Geometric Stability of TerraSAR-X High-Resolution Spotlight Products Schubert,Adrian - Remote Sensing Laboratories, Geography CAL0817
SAR Methods
TitleAuthorProposal ID
Analysis of the thermal dilation component of X-band interferometric observations from TerraSAR-X Monserrat,Oriol - Institute of Geomatics, Remote Sensing Unit LAN0011
Multiple Interaction in TerraSAR-X images of Urban Areas Riccio,Daniele - Università di Napoli, Ingegneria Elettronica e delle Telecomunicazioni LAN0044
Extraction and Recognition of Deformation Patterns Using the SBAS Method Patrascu,Carmen - Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Applied Electronics and Information Engineering LAN0130
Suitability evaluation of the differential radar interferometry method for detection and deformation monitoring of mass movements Plank,Simon - Technical University of Munich (TUM), Engineering Geology GEO1026
Urban deformation monitoring using X-band Persistent Scatterer Interferometry Crosetto,Michele - Institute of Geomatics, Remote Sensing Unit LAN0634
Estimation of Natural Surfaces Parameters from TerraSAR data Zinno,Ivana - Università di Napoli "Federico II", Dipartimento di Ingegneria Biomedica, Elettronica e Telecomunicazioni MTH0183
Revising vegetation scattering theories: Adding a rotated dihedral double bounce scattering to explain cross-polarimetric SAR observations over wetlands Wdowinski,Shimon - Florida International University, Earth and Environment HYD0029
Integration of SAR/InSAR Spectral-based Feature Extraction Procedures with Spectral Decomposition Methods for Scene Classification, using TerraSAR-X Data Popescu,Anca - University Politehnica Bucharest, Applied Electronics and Information Engineering LAN0130
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