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Presentations at the 3. TerraSAR-X Science Team Meeting

List of poster presentations

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TitleAuthorProposal ID
Evaluation of TerraSAR-X DINSAR and IPTA for ground-motion monitoring Wegmüller,Urs - Gamma Remote Sensing AG, R&D GEO0165
Monitoring Micro-Relief Morphodynamics using TerraSAR-X Repeat-Pass Spotlight Images Baade,Jussi - Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Department of Geography GEO0258
RadarMon 2008: Subsidence monitoring over a collapsed mine in Berezniki, Russia Hebel,Hans-Peter - TU Clausthal, Institute of Geotechnical Engineering and Mine Surveying GEO0348
Classification of TerraSAR-X high resolution imagery in Assam, India, for water resources management Boehm,Bettina - Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena, Geoinformatics, Hydrology and Modelling HYD0087
Simple image processing techniques for near-real time inundation monitoring using TerraSAR-X imagery Gebhardt,Steffen - German Aerospace Center, German Remote Sensing Data Center HYD0354
Using TerraSAR-X data for improved urban flood model validation Mason,David - University of Reading, National Centre for Earth Observation HYD0363
TerraSAR-X observations and acquisition planning for ice velocities in Antarctica, Patagonia and Island Floricioiu,Dana - German Aerospace Center (DLR), Remote Sensing Technology Institute HYD0396
Urban sprawl analysis in megacities synergistically using Landsat and TerraSAR-X stripmap data Taubenböck,Hannes - Uni Würzburg / DLR, DFD LAN0002
TerraSAR-X for urban areas monitoring: novelties and promises of High Resolution Riccio,Daniele - Università Federico II di Napoli, Ingegneria Elettronica e delle Telecomunicazioni LAN0044
Assessment of canopy structure variables of agroforestry systems along a land use intensity gradient in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia Erasmi,Stefan - Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Institute of Geography, Cartography, GIS & Remote Sensing Dept. LAN0103
GLACIER MOVEMENT STUDY IN NW-HIMALAYAN REGION USING REPEAT PASS HIGH RESOLUTION TerraSAR-X DATA Kumar,Vijay - Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Centre of Studiesin Resources Engineering LAN0122
Snow cover area monitoring using multi-temporal TerraSAR-X data Venkataraman,Gopalan - Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India, Centre of Studies In Resources Engineering LAN0122
Monitoring of crude oil spill off the west coast of Korean Peninsula using SAR images Kim,Duk-jin - Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Satellite Data Application Department LAN0174
Traffic Monitoring With TerraSAR-X Runge,Hartmut - DLR, IMF-SV LAN0226
A Synthetic Aperture Radar Simulator for Repeat Pass Interferometric Data Hsueh,Chang Chi - University of Toronto, Department of Civil Engineering LAN0271
Agricultural Change Monitoring with Dual-Polarimetric Analysis Dhar,Tishampati - University of Adelaide, Electrical and Electronic Engineering LAN0378
Analysis of the first TSX images and future plans. Weydahl,Dan Johan - Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI), Land and Airsystems Division MTH0181
Forest Monitoring using TerraSAR-X data – Evaluation of processing methods and first results Lemp,Dirk - Universität Freiburg, Felis MTH0384
Evaluation of TerraSAR-X InSAR for the measurements of mining subsidence Perski,Zbigniew - University of Silesia, Department of Fundamental Geology MTH0246
TerraSAR-X Spotlight Interferometric Observations of Archaeoastronomical Structures at Nabta Playa, Egypt Rosen,Paul - Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Radar Science and Engineering Section MTH0352
Absolute Phase Estimation from TerraSAR-X Data using Wideband Interferometry Brcic,Ramon - DLR, Remote Sensing Technology Institute MTH0366
High Resolution SAR Interferometic Techniques - Results from the Comissioning Phase and from Early Projects Eineder,Michael - DLR, IMF CAL0137
Validation of spectral and individual ocean Wave parameters at offshore platforms Lehner,Susanne - DLR, IMF CAL0166
Development and Validation of new X-band Algorithm to measure Wind Speed and Sea State from WaMoS II and TerraSAR-X Data Sets Tränkmann,Ina - OceanWaveS GmbH, R&D CAL0166
Fine features of ship wakes in the problem of ship detection Lehner,Susanne - DLR, IMF COA0146
Monitoring of Shipping Lanes – the Panama Canal Lehner,Susanne - DLR, IMF COA0274
Combined use of the SAR Doppler anomaly and normalized radar cross section to retrieve ocean surface winds Mouche,Alexis - C.L.S., Radar Division COA0065
DeMarine Security. Investigating Security of Shipping and Offshore Buildings using high Resolution Satellite Data. Rosenthal,Wolfgang - GAUSS Bremen, DeMarine OCE0143
Preliminary InSAR analysis of TerraSAR-X observations of Mt. Etna and Kilauea volcanoes Lundgren,Paul - California Institute of Technology, Jet Propulsion Laboratory GEO0192
XMAS - Determination of the Mass Balance of Alpine Glaciers with TerraSAR-X data Hochschild,Volker - Universitaet Tuebingen, Geographisches Institut HYD0055
SYNTHETIC APERTURE RADAR DATA SEGMENTATION BASED ON HISTOGRAMS: TerraSAR-X vs. ALOS Dabboor,Mohammed - University of Calgary, Geomatics Engineering HYD0270
Automated mapping of surface water and flood extent from TerraSAR-X Hahmann,Thomas - German Aerospace Center (DLR), German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD) HYD0326
TERRASAR-X MORPHOLOGICAL PROFILES FOR URBAN CLASSIFICATION Chini,Marco - Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Remote Sensing Laboratory LAN0002
FRA-SAR 2010 - An Experimental Analysis of High Resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar within the Framework of the FAO’s next Global Forest Resource Assessment for the Year 2010 Knuth,Ralf - Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena, Department of Geography MTH0413
Disaster Phenomena of Wenchuan Earthquake in TerraSAR-X Images Hong,ZHANG - Center for Earth Observation and Digital Earth, Digital Earth LAN0035
Evaluation of TerraSAR-X for natural oil seep studies Thankappan,Medhavy - Geoscience Australia, Resources Energy and Tourism MTH0092
Overview of Bistatic TerraSAR-X/F-SAR Spaceborne-Airborne Experiment Rodriguez-Cassola,Marc - DLR, Microwaves and Radar Institute MTH0182
Experimental Results for TerraSAR-X Single Channel Switched Aperture and Dual Receive Antenna Mode - Along-Track Interferometry - Gabele,Martina Karin - German Aerospace Center (DLR), Radar Concepts MTH0182
Knowledge based Image Information Mining (KIM) for TerraSAR - X data exploration: Development and validation of scenarios and applications of the KIM module of the TerraSAR-X Payload Ground Segment Datcu,Mihai - DLR, IMF MTH0215
Modeling and parameter estimation of TSX images for scene classification and recognition Datcu,Mihai - DLR, IMF MTH0302
Automatic Registration of TerraSAR-X Images with Other Compatible Sensors Suri,Sahil - German Aerospace Center (DLR), Remote Sensing Technology Institute (IMF) LAN0002
Change detection in urban areas using TerraSAR-X spotlight images Schmitt,Andreas - DLR-DFD-US, Oberpfaffenhofen LAN0002
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