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Summary of Proposal LAN0252

TitleEvolution of a space-oriented monitoring and management system for structure-weak areas of unspoiled nature at the example of the Biosphere reserve of the Oberlausitzer Heide- und Teichlandschaft
Investigator Seiler, Ralf - Technische Universität Dresden, Geoscience
Team Members
Mr. Heyne, Peter - Biosphärenreservatsverwaltung,

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide data with reference to the spatial situation of the analysed territory. These spatial data became increasing importance during the recent years for a wide range of application such as urban planning, emergency services, land management, environmental protection etc., cause GI systems allow for integrated analysis of data from various sources. UNESCO started the project “Man And Biosphere” in 1968, to preserve and develop ecosystems with special regard to the needs of natural and cultural heritage. Main focus of all protecting efforts within this programme shall be laid on the interaction between man and nature.

The Biosphere reserve „Oberlausitzer Heide- und Teichlandschaft“ is characterized by a very close coexistence of an old cultural landscape with numerous small likes and the remains of open cast mining of brown coal. The proposed project aims to implement and validate a management and monitoring system, which integrates all relevant spatial and socio-economic data. It will analyse the dynamics of vegetation cover – especially the recovering along the former open cast mining areas – as well as the temporal behaviour of the lakes. Beside the use of multispectral and multitsensoral remote sensing data, additional information from various disciplines will be integrated into the management system, e.g. infrastructural data, as well as data from Geology, Biology tourism and economy …

Multipolarized data from imaging radar Terra SAR-X will allow for a new quality in discriminating vegetation canopy from small water surfaces. This figures better classification results and open therefore new prospects for remote sensing based monitoring of such biomes.

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