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Summary of Proposal LAN0237

TitleTerraSAR-X contribution to Reference Remote Sensing Data Bases (RefRSDB)
Investigator SELLE, Arnaud - CNES, DCT/SI/AP
Team Members
Dr Froger, Jean-Luc - OPGC, Université Blaise Pascal – IRD & CNRS-UMR6524, Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans
Dr Villeneuve, Nicolas - Université de La Réunion, CREGUR
Dr Begue, Agnes - CIRAD, TETIS Research Unit (Cemagref-ENGREF-CIRAD) -Territoires, Environnement, Télédét
Dr Tison, Celine - CNES, DCT/SI/AR
Ing Durand, Philippe - CNES, DCT/SI/AR
Ing Pourthie, Nadine - CNES, DCT/SI/AR
Mr. Giros, Alain - CNES, DCT/SI/AP
Froidefond, Jean-Marie - UMR EPOC, Université Bordeaux 1
Chehata, Nesrine - Institut EGID Bordeaux 3,
Baghdadi, Nicolas - CIRAD, UMR Tetis
SummaryReference Remote Sensing Data Bases (RefRSDB) provide temporal series of optical and radar satellite images, with the highest possible quality level and with exogenous and ground truth data (maps, physical parameters, land occupation, etc.), with a free access for research. The highest quality pre-processing is guaranteed: registration, ortho-rectification, absolute calibration, inter-calibration, etc.
The RefRSDB benefits are numerous: Evaluation of methods on different situations, Comparison of different methods over common datasets, Transfer of research from connected activities (vision, medical imagery), “Lena-like” effect on the publications.
At the present time, CNES has developed two RefRSDB (ADAM & ISLE_Reunion).
ADAM (Assimilation of RS Data in Agronomic Models) is a RefRSDB initially dedicated to investigating assimilation of RS observations into crop growth models. The site (40x60 km²) is located in Romania in an intensive agricultural area. A research farm is located at the exact centre of the site, with very large fields, intensively surveyed.
This DB includes : Satellite images :(57 SPOT images, 15 radar images, etc.), Vegetation ground measurements (intensive experimental campaign over wheat fields), Soil ground measurements, Meteorological and atmospheric data, Maps (soils, geology, yield maps), GPS measurements, etc.
The ADAM DB has been successfully used by 4 PhD and by many research activitiesin agronomy. ADAM DB initiated a large number of additional R&D work on remote sensing intercalibration & pre-processing, multitemporal data mining, multiscale analysis, etc.
The ADAM DB is now freely accessible to agronomic, remote-sensing and image processing scientific communities. It is foreseen that ADAM will be used in 2006-2007 by CNES as test site for Venµs preparation (future spatial mission dedicated to agriculture).
ISLE_Reunion (Satellite Images for Environment) is the second RefRSDB developed by CNES. The site is “La Réunion” island (circle, radius 30 km) in the Indian ocean.
This volcanic island is a highly contrasted territory, with extreme variety of micro-climates and landscapes. On this small territory, the whole set of issues related to land management has to be considered. ISLE_Reunion DB thus addresses a wide range of thematic domains and is used by a large scientific public : all major French research institutions are represented on the island, with specific research programs addressing specific local issues.
This DB provides a steady monitoring of “La Réunion” for the last 20 years (from 1986). It includes more than 120 SPOT XS and Pan images at 10m resolution. ENVISAT MERIS and ASAR data are being regularly acquired on this site for volcano monitoring.
Such DB is used for a large number of research and R&D projects dealing with : Volcano monitoring, Sugar cane growth modelling, Coastal environment, Urban spatial dynamics analysis, Coral reefs cartography, etc.
The present submission aims at proposing that TerraSAR-X data are acquired on the RefRSDB and are made available to the authorised scientists for performing research, R&D, and new applications development.
Following the RefRSDB previous experience, CNES is confident in scientists innovation capacity. With this completely new radar data set, combined to optical images series and ground data, scientific teams will set up new research programs. This is why only preliminary description of 2 TerraSAR-X technical studies is provided.
It is foreseen that, after 2 years, the number of studies using TerraSAR-X data on the RefRSDB will be important, due to synergies and scientific competition.
To increase the number of scientists benefiting from RefRSDBs, CNES offers a free access to the scientific teams selected for the TerraSAR-X AO. Due to TerraSAR-X data, ground truths and optical images on a same area, DBs allow objective results assessment and methods intercomparison.

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