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Summary of Proposal LAN0236

TitleComparison and synergistic use of TerraSAR-X, ALOS PALSAR and ENVISAT ASAR for the assessment of deforestation, biomass and fire impact in tropical rain forests of SE-Asia
Investigator Siegert, Florian - RSS- Remote Sensing Solutions GmbH, n/a
Team Members
Dr. Mott, Claudius - RSS GmbH, RSS GmbH
Mr. Ballhorn, Uwe - RSS GmbH, RSS GmbH
SummaryAs an initial step it is proposed to analyse a full year time series of SAR images from the same test site to assess the temporal behaviour under varying weather conditions and seasonal patterns. Through other projects in this site access to required ground data is available. The multimode capabilities will be evaluated with 4-6 data sets (2-3 Spotlight, 2-3 Stripmap).
Scientific research will be conducted on the correlation of backscatter and biomass and possible synergy of ENVISAT ASAR (C-band) and ALOS PALSAR (L-band) data. Through extensive experience gained in previous studies (SIRC-XCAR, ERS-JERS) we expect promising results. The research will result in an in-depths analysis of backscatter signals from X-band, C-band and L-band instruments and their potential for synergistic use. The topic is of great scientific interest - peer-reviewed publications are planned.
It is anticipated that the combination of multimode/multiincidence SAR data, L-Band and C-Band SAR will provide a new, innovative approach to improve our knowledge about tropical forest ecosystem change. The usefulness for issues related to GMES and Kyoto will be assessed. We anticipate that the new TS-X system (and the future TS-L?) could be of significant importance.

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