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Summary of Proposal MTH0232

TitleMonitoring temperate glacier activity by X band polarimetric SAR interferometry
Investigator Trouvé, Emmanuel - Université de Savoie, Polytech Annecy-Chambéry - LISTIC
Team Members
Dr. Trouvé, Emmanuel - Université de Savoie, LISTIC - Laboratoire d’Informatique Systèmes Traitement de l’Information
Pr. Datcu, Mihai - GET Télécom Paris and German Aerospace Center DLR, Laboratoire Traitement et Communication de l’Information
Dr Landes, Tania - INSA de Strasbourg, Equipe Photogrammétrie Architecturale et GEomatique
Dr Gay, Michel - INP Grenoble - Université Joseph Fourier, Laboratoire des Images et des Signaux
SummaryTerraSAR-X (TS-X) will provide the scientific community with spaceborne X-band SAR data which will strongly reinforce the potential of SAR interferometry. The monitoring of temperate glacier activity is one of the applications which require remote sensed data and should become feasible thanks to the TS-X mission characteristics. The goal of this proposal is to investigate scientific issues on X-band polarimetric and interferometric SAR data over moving glacier surfaces made of ice, snow and rocks. The main research axis will focus on processing techniques and their applications to improve the robustness of glacier SAR monitoring. Experiments and validation will be performed on well-known glaciers located in the Mont-Blanc region in the Alps. The expected results include digital elevation models by conventional interferometry, velocity fields of glacier surface by differential interferometry and the characterisation of coherent scatterers in single and dual polarisation modes. This proposal is supported by a group of 4 laboratories which work together in a 3-year project entitled MEGATOR (Mesure de l’Evolution des Glaciers Alpins par Télédétection Optique et Radar - Measuring Alpin glacier evolution by optical and radar remote sensing), and has already gathered a large data base on several glaciers, including high resolution DEM from optical data, C-band interferograms from ERS images and GPS ground measurements. By developing appropriate processing techniques to benefit from the increased performances of TS-X, this experiment should validate the concept of using space-borne SAR data to increase both spatial resolution and temporal frequency of glacier surface observations, especially compared to the sparse annual terrestrial measurements. Results obtained with TS-X basic products during the different seasons will provide the SAR/snow-ice community with new information to be compared with results from future fully polarimetric data (TS-X experimental products, RadarSat 2 C-band images…) in order to achieve a better understanding of SAR physical properties on glaciers. Finally, the analysis of the whole TerraSAR-X data-set acquired in both winter and summer, performed with the available prior information on glacier activity, will allow experts to investigate many issues in glacier modelling, evolution tracking, and associated risk management.

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