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Summary of Proposal GEO0231

TitleInSAR monitoring of Landslides along Strategic Transportation and Energy Corridors
Investigator SINGHROY, Vernon - Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, Natural resources Canada
Team Members
Research Scientist Couture, Rejean - Geological Survey of Canada, Natural resources Canada
Avasett, Pierre Jean - Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, Natural resources Canada
Poncos, Valentin - Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, Natural resources Canada
SummaryLandslides killed 800 Canadians to date. A total of $200M is spent on landslide monitoring and mitigation each year in Canada. Small landslides are the most destructive and cause more damage to infrastructure than large landslides. For this high resolution inages are required. Currently InSAR monitoring conducted in high risk areas by CCRS and the Geological Survey of Canada. At these high risk sites, RADARSAT, ENVISAT and ERS InSAR motion maps were produced. This proposed project is an extension of these current InSAR studies, by taking advantage of the high-resolution, frequent revisits and X band scatter offered bt Terra SAR-X. We believe these added capabilities will improve our results. The guidelines and case studies developed from this investigation will lead to possible commercial products for Terra SAR-X The sites to be investigated are Large and small active landslides along the Rocky Mountain transportation Corridor Small active landslides along the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline corridor. We plan to use coherent target monitoring techniques on images taken during the spring months when most of the slides are active. We anticipate that 50 InSAR scenes will be used per year.

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