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Summary of Proposal HYD0220

TitleGeneration of a Drainage Masterplan Using Satellite Data, GIS-Methods and Hydraulic Modelling
Investigator Bach, Heike - VISTA Geowissenschaftliche Fernerkundung, N/A
Team Members
Mr. Würzberg, Gerhard - Regierungsbaumeister Schlegel GmbH & Co. KG, N/A
Bucker, Andreas - Stadtentwässerungswerke Lindau (B),
SummaryThe goal of this project is to demonstrate how an up-to-date Drainage Master Plan for German cities can be obtained using high resolution EO data as spatial data source, standardized GIS methods and hydraulic modelling tools.
The satellite data analyses will mainly serve the purpose to extract hydrological relevant information that is needed for the hydraulic calculations. Satellite images of supplementing spectral and spatial characteristics will be classified in different surface type categories relevant for the hydrodynamic simulations (e.g. streets, private or industrial house tops, natural area, agricultural area). In order to allow such a classification, all necessary information from high resolution SAR and optical multispectral satellite data will be evaluated using digital image processing tools developed or available at VISTA.

Project funded in the frame of ESA’s Data User Element (DUE) Innovator-User Partnership Programme.

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