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Summary of Proposal COA0195

TitleTerraSAR-X for coastline and delta mapping
Investigator Chamberland, Joseph - C-CORE, Earth Observation
Team Members
Dr van der Sanden, Joost - Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, Natural Resources Canada, Harsh Environment Applications Section
Mr St-Hilaire, Martin - C-CORE, Earth Observation
Mr Mulvie, John - C-CORE, Earth Observation
Dr Manson, Gavin - Natural Resources Canada, Marine Environmental Geoscience
Dr Solomon, Steve - Natural Resources Canada, Marine Environmental Geoscience
Mr. Parsons, Garrett - C-CORE, Earth Observation
SummaryUsing ground truth data for one or both of Devon Island and the area near Tuktoyaktuk in the western arctic, high resolution spotlight and also strip map and scansar data of shorelines will be examined to assess utility for shoreline delineation, geomorphic classification, shoreline erosion studies, and detection of bottom-fast ice.

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