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Summary of Proposal LAN0186

TitleFlood extent mapping at X-band frequencies
Investigator Riedlinger, Torsten - German Aerospace Center, German Remote Sensing Data Center
Team Members
Gähler, Monika - German Aerospace Center, Remote Sensing Data Center
Mr. Twele, André - German Aerospace Center, Remote Sensing Data Center
SummaryWe will conduct flood extent and damage assessments in several locations and analyze their accuracy and robustness in relation to other SAR data. Two types of analysis will be pursued, namely change-analysis in radar amplitude images and change detection based on an analysis of changes in interferometric coherence. Also, different pre-processing filters will be tried to optimize the result of the change-analysis. Our primary focus will be on potentially flooded areas in Europe. In the (unlikely) event of no significant flooding event during the project duration, test sites along the rivers Elbe (Germany) and Po (Italy) will be selected, were flooding in flood plain areas are likely to occur. These areas are namely the region between Torgau and Dessau (Germany) or the river mouth of Ticino/Po (Italy). Furthermore the Po region is well known for wet rice cultivation with temporary controlled flooding. These temporal changes, as well as the low water depth, are comparable with real flooding situations. A secondary focus area will be an intensely studied region in the Sahel, which has been observed to develop pools of water during the rainy season, which quickly infiltrate to recharge the underlying aquifers. For an assessment of water surfaces in densely build up areas, multi-temporal TerraSAR-X imagery of Venice (Italy) will be acquired and analysed. The focus is set on the feasibility of water surface extraction in heterogenic urban environments.

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