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Summary of Proposal MTH0176

TitleX-band SAR feasibility for glacier facies studies at Svalbard
Investigator Hogda, Kjell Arild - Norut IT, Earth Observation
Team Members
Researcher Kohler, Jack - Norwegain Polar Institute, Polar Climate Reseach Programme
Researcher Storvold, Rune - Norut IT, Earth Observation
SummaryObjective: The objective of the proposed AO is to investigate the X-band SAR capabilities for glacier facies monitoring and accordingly the potential of the instrument for climate change effects study on glaciers. Method: Our work strategy will be to combine several simultaneously data acquisitions on 1) C- and X-band SAR remote sensing data, 2) ground-based GPR-data and 3) ground-based glaciological data. This will be done in profiles from sea level in “simple” a) ablation areas through different and more complicated facies zones of the glacier, b) superimposed ice zone, c) wet-snow zone, d) percolation zone and e) dry snow zone. Scattering models already developed for C-band will be adapted from C- to X-band in order to interpret the data and extend out knowledge on X-band backscatter on glaciers. We will use already existing knowledge and datasets of the Kongsvegen glacier, established through the Norwegian Research Council funded project EnviTools, together with the new datasets obtained simultaneously for C- and X-band SAR, in-situ glaciological and GPR data, investigating the X-band SAR suitability for Svalbard glaciers monitoring. Data requirements: We will need approximately 10-20 dual polarisation scenes in late April to early May 2007. It is important that the data is acquired in the dry snow season and at the same time as the yearly field-work is carried out. Incidence angle should be similar with simultaneously obtained C-band SAR data. Deliverables: 1) Publication of the usefulness of X-band SAR for Svalbard glaciers facies studies and comparison with the C-band SAR. 2) Backscattering model adapted to X-band. Funding will be though already ongoing and new research projects at Norwegian Polar Institute and Norut IT.

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