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Summary of Proposal LAN0174

TitleDevelopment of multi-sensor application technologies and product validation
Investigator Kim, Younsoo - Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Remote Sensing Department
Team Members
Principal Researcher Kim, Yongseung - Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Remote Sensing Department
Researcher Lee, Kwangjae - Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Remote Sensing Department
Senior Researcher Park, Nowook - Korea Institute of Geoscience & Mineral Resources, National Geoscience Information Center
Researcher Kim, Dukjin - Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Remote Sensing Department
SummaryThe main purposes of this study are to evaluate TerraSAR application products and develop the multi-sensor data application technologies. For these purposes the Product Validation Site will be used for collecting the ground truth during acquisition. The ground truth DB such as GCP, land-cover/use, and etc. will be constructed by using various in-situ measurement equipments. Also KARI has a plan for acquisition of multi-sensor data such as KOMPSAT, QuickBird, ENVISAT ASAR, and PROBA data through international cooperation with European Space Agency. The PVS will support not only the validation of TerraSAR application products, but also the multi-sensor application products such as land-cover/use map, change detection map, flood damage map, topographic map, and etc. For this study, we need multi-sensor and-temporal of SAR and optical data. Some data can be acquired from ESA. We would like to receive the data from ftp or DVD. We have a government supported program for public applications research of satellite data. We can construct the Product Validation Site and acquire the multi-sensor data using this program. KARI Cal/Val team wants to get the good result from KOMPSAT-5 Cal/Val activities, to get the good advices for KOMPSAT-5 Cal/Val from TerraSAR Cal/Val team, and to practice using TerraSAR with Cal/Val site(with Corner Reflectors & Active Transponders) in Korea before KOMPSAT-5 launch. If possible, a KARI Cal/Val team member will join in TerraSAR Cal/Val program, and then we will design the Cal/Val site for KOMPSAT-5 and define the KOMPSAT Cal/Val activities.

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