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Summary of Proposal HYD0171

TitleDam-break wave propagation simulation using accurate digital elevation model from TerraSAR-X
Investigator Jun, Byung-Ho - Korea Military Academy, Civil Engineering
Team Members
full professor Jun, Byung-Ho - Korea Military Academy, Civil Engineering
full professor Oh, Kyoung-Doo - Korea Military Academy, Civil engineering
full professor Lee, Sang Hoon - Kyungwon University, Industrial Engineering
full professor Shum, C.K. - The Ohio State Univ., Geology
Assistant professor Baek, Sangho - Korea Military Academy, Civil Engineering
SummaryThe science focus of this study is the use of TerraSAR-X data to develop accurate inundation model in various regions of Korean peninsula. The quality of inundation modeling depends on the resolution of the elevation model. We will compare the accuracy of digital elevation models (DEMs) among different sources including TerraSAR-X and validate the accuracy of the DEM through ground truth such as GPS measurement. In addition, data fusion scheme will be explored for multi-sensor, multi-temporal, and multi-resolution data and by using neural networks to generate accurate DEM. The proposed study will involve the following objectives: (a) Verification of InSAR DEM accuracy with reference base points and comparison with existing DEMs including SRTM, NGIS DEM data (DEM derived from vector contour map produced by Korean Ministry of Construction and Transportation) (b) Formulation of dam-break scenarios subject to various parameters such as soil moisture, rainfall-runoff processes, initial conditions for reservoirs and streams, and breach mode and elapsed time. (c) Simulation of dam-break wave propagation using InSAR DEM and other DEMs (d) Comparison of simulation results from InSAR DEM and other DEMs. (e) Recommendation and guidelines for dam-break flood wave propagation simulation including simulation models and required DEM accuracy

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