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Summary of Proposal MTH0151

TitleNew TerraSAR-X Processing Algorithms and Products
Investigator Eineder, Michael - DLR, IMF
Team Members
Dipl.-Ing. Breit, Helko - DLR, IMF
Dipl.-Ing. Adam, Nico - DLR, IMF
Dipl.Mat. Schättler, Birgit - DLR, IMF
Dr.-Ing. Meyer, Franz - DLR, IMF
SummaryThe proposal supports the SAR and InSAR development team at IMF with data in order to to develop new algorithms in the fields of DEM generation, subsidence measurement, high resolution interferometry and new interferometric products.

The data shall comprise different types of terrain, different acquisition modes in order to fully investigate the potential of new products and processing algorithms for TerraSAR-X.

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