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Summary of Proposal OCE0143

Investigator Lehner, Susanne - DLR Oberpfaffenhofen, MF SAR BF
Team Members
Dr. Bakan, Stephan - University of Hamburg, Meteorology
Dr. Grassl, Hartmut - University of Hamburg, Meteorology
Dr. Bamler, Richard - DLR, IMF-GW
Dr. von Storch, Hans - GKSS, Institute of Coastal Research
Dipl. Brusch, Stephan - DLR, IMF-GW
Dr. König, Thomas - DLR, IMF-GW
SummaryA key factor for both climate and weather in Europe and North America are extratropical cyclones in the northern Atlantic. The dominant role of these cyclones is due to the large range of temporal and spatial scales over which they have an effect, including both extreme weather events and long term climate trends. Understanding and predicting these events is therefore of extremely high importance for disaster management and long term policy making in Europe and North America. For understanding the Atlantic system it is important to analyze the large scale dynamics, like the development of cyclones, as well as to improve knowledge of small scale phenomena like turbulence in the atmospheric boundary layer or the horizontal distribution of precipitation events. TerraSAR X data are going to be used to ivestigate measured rainfall rate, wind speed and sea state at X band at a very high resolution. Funding is provided in the framework of the virtual HGF institue EXTROP.

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