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Summary of Proposal GEO0141

TitleVolcano deformation related to large earthquakes in Central America
Investigator Walter, Thomas - GFZ, 2.1
Team Members
Walter, Thomas - GFZ-potsdam, Sektion 2.1
SummaryEvidences increase worldwide that volcanoes and earthquakes interact. Earthquakes may cause a change in stress at the conduit and magma system at volcanoes, while the forceful intrusion of dikes or pressure change in magma chambers cause a change of the critical stresses at seismogenic faults. We propose a new research effort for volcano hazard monitoring in Central America, combining at four volcanic laboratory systems geodetic and seismic data into numerical models. Volcanic or tectonic deformation measured by flexible and high resolution SAR-interferometry allows to invert for the source (dike intrusion, magma chamber inflation or fault slip), which then shall be included in numerical forward models to compute the changes in the stress field. A time series of the stress field is the objective of this study and could become a promising monitoring tool for volcanic environments in general. Most of the studies will be done in the Volcanotectonic Research Group of the P.I., funded until 2010 through the prestigious Emmy Noether program of the german science foundation (DFG). Additional costs, such as a PhD position as well as travel costs for regular meetings are already granted in this program.

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