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Summary of Proposal CAL0137

TitleInterferometric Calibration and Verification
Investigator Eineder, Michael - DLR, IMF
Team Members
Prof. Dr. Bamler, Richard - DLR, IMF
Dipl.-Ing. Adam, Nico - DLR, IMF
Dr. Fritz, Thomas - DLR, IMF
Dipl. Mat. Schättler, Birgit - DLR, IMF
Dipl.-Ing. Breit, Helko - DLR, IMF
Dr. Ing. Meyer, Franz - DLR, IMF
SummaryThe teams will use interferometric methods to support the calibration and verification w.r.t. the position, timing and phase accuracy of the overall TerraSAR-X system. The methods to be employed are proven in the ERS-1/2, ENVISAT/ASAR and SRTM missions. Corner reflectors, transponders and other well known targets will be radarcoded and their position verified in the SAR images. Data from ERS and ASAR with different incidence angles will be compared to the TerraSAR-X data. Persistent scatterer and high resolution image analysis will be performed. The interferometric phase of repeat pass interferograms will be analyzed with respect to instrument or processing errors. For this task, existing digital elevation models will be radarcoded and the phase simulated and compared with the measured interferometric phase.
For the tasks of this proposal data from Munich, Berlin, Warschau and of Las Vegas are required. Over Warschau ASAR data are available via an ESA Cat-1 proposal. The larger desert area around Las Vegas is known to be interferometrically stable over years.

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