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Summary of Proposal HYD0119

TitleSAR applications for water resource monitoring
Investigator Malnes, Eirik - Norut Informationtechnology AS, Earth Observation
Team Members
Dr. Malnes, Eirik - Norut Informationtechnology AS, Earth Observation
Solbų, Stian - Norut Informationtechnology AS, Earth Observation
Storvold, Rune - Norut Informationtechnology AS, Earth Observation
SummaryWater resource monitoring Norut IT has coordinated several projects within the field of water resource monitoring. The research have been focused along two axis: 1) Snow monitoring for hydrological applications. 2) Water detection as part of flood monitoring systems. Norut IT has coordinated recently two EU FP 5 projects (EnviSnow and FloodMan). Last year we performed an ESA study (SWEDeK) on the potential of using C-band repeat pass interferometric SAR to retrieve snow water equivalent (SWE). We are also currently leading an ESA project on Ku-band SAR retrieval of snow water equivalent. WP 1. Snow water equivalent retrieval using X-band SAR In a recent ESA Earth Explorer core mission proposal, NORUT IT participated on a proposal for a dual frequency SAR using Ku-band and X-band frequencies to retrieve the snow water equivalent (SWE). The snow water equivalent is the key parameter within hydrological snow monitoring from EO satellites. The X-band frequency is suitable for measuring SWE for deep snow packs. The preliminary retrieval schemes for SWE-retrieval at X-band are model based (Shi, 2004). By using dual polarization (VV, VH) and multitemporal dataset (summer and dry winter snow) there should be sufficient sensitivity at X-band frequencies to measure SWE for rather deep snow packs (>1m) using change detection. The backscattering difference between snow and no-snow is to the first order proportional to the SWE. We want investigate the retrieval scheme with respect to sensitivity. The data needed will cover our well-established snow related field sites in Northern and Southern Norway (Altevatn and Heimdalen). By comparing the results from SWE retrieval using TerraSAR-X against the in-situ measurements of snow parameters, we want to assess the accuracy and suitability of X-band SWE retrievals. WP.2 Surface water detection using X-band SAR Within the EU project FloodMan, Norut IT have developed a pre-operational flood monitoring system for detecting flooded areas. Norut IT have worked together with end-users for using the data to improve hydrological and hydraulical models for flood monitoring and forecast. The project has mainly used C-band SAR data (ERS, ASAR and Radarsat). These instruments are excellent in detecting flooded areas in forested and un-forested areas, but have some limitations in detecting floods related to narrow rivers and in urban areas. We want to test out the excellent capabilities of TerraSAR-X both with respect to high spatial resolution and polarimetric capabilities towards improving our automatic flood detectors in these areas. Further, extending the current algorithms to also estimate surface current from ATI-data would be useful for the hydrological community. References: Envisnow, EU FP5 EE SD project coordinated by Norut IT. FloodMan, EU FP5 EESD project coordinated by Norut IT Shi J. and Dozier J., Estimation of Snow Water Equivalence using SIR-C/X-SAR, Part II:Infering snow depth and particle size, IEEE TGRS, 38 (6), 2475-2488, 2000.

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