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Summary of Proposal OCE0117

TitleDoppler residual frequency at X-band and its feasibility for coastal current retrieval
Investigator Johnsen, Harald - Norut Informasjonsteknologi AS, Earth Observation
Team Members
Dr. Engen, Geir - Norut Informasjonsteknologi AS, Earth Observation
SummaryObjectives: - Investigate the potential and limitations of using x-band dual-pol (HH,VV) data to retrieve high-resolution ocean surface current information from Doppler frequency estimation. Method: The methodology will be based on an advanced simulation tool, in-situ measurements, and TSX dual-polarized doppler information. The simulation tool will be used to assess the potential of using x-band HH,VV data, by simulating teoretical Doppler values using collocated in-situ measurements of wind and wave. In-situ data will be available from several platform measurements along the coast of Norway. Additionally, output from operational numerical models will also be used. The simulated Doppler values will be compared with estimated values from TSX data. The high-resolution Doppler estimation will be done from the complex product for each polarizations. Comparison between measured and predicted Doppler residual will used to tune the spectral model input to the simulation, as well as assess the contribution from surface current to the Doppler signal. The contribution of surface current to the Doppler residual will be retrieved by subtracting the dual-channel polarization residual Doppler frequency from the single-channel Doppler residual frequency. The results will be validated against insitu measured current field using the simulation tool. Data requirements: Mainly SM data in dual-pol mode (HH and VV), preferably swath with incidence angle around 30 degrees. Some few scenes in SC mode as well. Deliverables: Scientific paper:"Sea-surface Doppler residual frequency at X-band and its application to surface current retrieval from TerraSAR-X-band data" Funding: Norwegian research council through strategic programme (SARA) and Norwegian Space Centre programme, SATHAV

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