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Summary of Proposal GEO0053

TitleMapping aeolian (wind blown) features using high res X band SAR
Investigator Blumberg, Dan - Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Geography and Environmental Development
Team MembersNo team members defined
SummaryDry land areas cover large parts of the land masses of Earth. Of these a large portion is mantled by aeolian (wind-blown) deposits and subjected to aeolian process, i.e. the transport of sand or dust by wind. One of the most prominent morphologies created by wind driven deposits are dunes and in their larger form draas or mega dunes. These mega dunes tend to be widely spaced; very large; often forming a base on which smaller dunes form, producing a compound dune pattern. This proposal will look at the ability to map features overriding these large dunes using radar and reconstruct wind from them. We will study the backscattering mechanisms in X-band and try estimate the roughness scales based on the amplitude of the radar response. Funding for Blumberg exists and the laboratory for remote sensing is funded throiugh several ongoing projects including one large grant recently received from the EU to study long term ecological aspects of aeolian processes in South Central Asia. This proposal will fits into the general goals of the funded proposal. A total of 30 images are requested for the project.

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