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Summary of Proposal OCE0050

TitleMaritime Traffic Monitoring with TerraSAR-X
Investigator Bioucas-Dias, Jose - Instituto de Telecomunicações-IST, Electrical Engineering and Computers
Team Members
Prof. Bioucas-Dias, José - Instituto Superior Técnico, Instituto de Telecomunicações
Mr. Pelizzari, Andrea - Critical Software S.A., Command & Control
Prof. Marques, Paulo - Instituto de Telecomunicações, N/A

The proposed 2-year project has the following objectives:
1- The viability study of the use of TerraSAR-X data for maritime traffic monitoring
2- The adaptation of current algorithms and development of new ones for the detection of a moving vessel and the determination of its cinematic parameters and spatial and features.
3- Building a prototype for vessel traffic monitoring based on TerraSAR-X data, namely for the detection of vessels and the determination of position, velocity and vessel class

Data requirements
The basic products to be used during this project are the StripMap mode, for high precision detection and classification over a limited sea region, and ScanSAR mode, for the monitoring over larger sea areas. During the project we propose the execution of up to 3 test cases on 3 main Portuguese ports. During a test case, TerraSAR-X data will be acquired on a given date over a given coastal region corresponding to the selected port. The tests should be repeated twice to ensure some redundancy as well as to receive both StripMap and ScanSAR modes.

1-From the scientific point of view, the project relies strongly on recent results, which introduce solutions for the "blind angle ambiguity" using a single SAR sensor. The key idea is to exploit not only the phase but also the information contained in the moving target echo amplitude. For classification, we propose a solution based on an enhanced refocusing of the image and on the segmentation of the target using a Bayesian Markov random field prior.
2-The validation of the results is based on ground truth acquired by installed Vessel Traffic Management Systems (VTS/AIS) currently in use in the selected ports.

1- Preliminary and Final Results documents
Two documents will be delivered. The "Preliminary Results" document will describe the status of the project one year after its start: the selected algorithms, the required adaptations, the test cases and the first results. The "Final Results" document, due at the end of the project, will describe the algorithms and methods eventually used. It will contain an assessment of the project, indicating the quality of the obtained results, validated with the ground truth data from the VTS systems. A description of the prototype system will be also provided and the technical difficulties and trade-offs will be pointed out.

2- Papers
The used algorithms and the obtained results will be published in two jounal articles and 4 conference papers.

3- Software
The prototype system documentation will be made available to DLR.

PhDs (scholarshpis from FCT, the Portuguese Science and Technology foundation)

internal R&D, application for national research funding (ADI and PDCTE Portuguese funding programmes)

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