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Summary of Proposal LAN0043

TitleLarge Area Mapping with high Resolution TerraSAR-X data
Investigator Kosmann, Detlev - German Areospace Center, DFD
Team Members
Mr. Huber, Martin - DLR, DFD
Mr Roth, Achim - DLR, DFD
Mr. Habermeyer, Martin - DLR, DFD
SummaryAdvanced RADAR MAP of GERMANY Standard satellite image mosaicing is a normal option in various commercial image processing systems, but TerraSAR-X is not a “normal” system. The very high resolution, different modes and polarisation will cause also special processing approaches, e.G. the specific radar backscatter and imaging geometry is not integrated in commercial software products, also the product dimension of more than 60kx 60k Pixel will cause some problems with well known products formats. Therefore existing software must be modified, but in many cases new software modules must be developed and implemented at the DFD. The radarmaps will be a demonstrator for opportunities of TerraSAR-X. They will present on one hand the very high resolution an on the other hand the wide area capabilities with a geometric resolutions better than all existing SAR satellites. Mosaics from all resolutions will be processed. Using these examples future customer will have first demonstrator products for their scientific and commercials approaches. The result can also be used to stimulate the commercial market, which will be one important aspect in the Public Private Partnership concept of TerraSAR-X. Other projects and future application will have a benefit from the experiences of the this AO. The calibration and validation team will get an important feedback during the mission. Geometric and radiometric effects in the standard images will be investigated during the mosaicing. Small derivations from the specified productparameter will be visible in the mosaics. Following radarmap are planned: Germany – A complete radarmap using stripmap modes data. The 3m ground resolution was never used for a country wide mosaic. It will be a very fascinating data set for many other applications. To generate a complementary data set to the existing Radarmap of Germany from ERS-1 a coverage in the ScanSAR Mode with a resolution of 16m is required. Western Pomerania – in this region the spotlight mode with a solution of 2 m will be used as a demonstrator for the capabilities of the operational high resolution of TerrSAR-X in combination of other available resolution. A hierarchical map data base is the anticipated product. Mannheim - the highest possible resolution will be the source of a map from this urban area. It will be useful for urban area mapping and modelling. All the acquisitions are not linked to ground truth campaigns, but they should be carried during November until April to reduce vegetation effect to the maps. The DFD will be responsible for the funding

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