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Summary of Proposal GEO0012

TitleMonitoring and validation of earth surface processes
Investigator Riedel, Björn - Technische Universität Braunschweig, Institut für Geodäsie und Photogrammetrie
Team Members
PD Dr. habil Theilen-Willige, Barbara - Technical University of Berlin, Institute of Applied Geosciences, Department of Hydrogeology
SummaryThe objective of the planned study is to investigate the potential of TerraSAR-X applications in the field of monitoring earth surface processes, like volcanic activities, neotectonic movements, monitoring of active faults, uplifting, ice mass movements, glaciological investigations and subsidences in the vicinity of urban areas on a regional scale, based on remote sensing techniques, like SAR interferometry and structural geological analysis of radar data.
The choosen approach is to validate the remote sensing results coming from the combined analysis of TERRASAR-X InSAR processing with structural geological analysis of these radar data with new and time series of ground truth observations. The available ground truth data sets have partially a history back to 1956. The different test sites are situasted in Greenland, Chile and Germany. It is planned to do on-site observations in the time period from 2006 up to 2008 with continuous or epochs of GPS measurements and installing additional corner reflectors.
The deliverables are on the one hand reports about the validation and the comparison with our ground truth data sets and on the other hand GIS based results, like maps, of earth surface changes in the areas of investigation.
The funding for the chilean test site comes from the chilean science community for the chilean partner (Universidas de Concepcion), we will apply for funding by the German Research Council (DFG). The funding for the investigations in Greenland will come from a proposal for a field campaign in the new DFG "Massentransporte und Massenverteilung im System Erde".
The investigations in Germany are funded by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Industrieller Forschungseinrichtungen (AIF) since 01.09.2005.

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