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Summary of Proposal LAN0011

TitleEstimating the impact of agricultural land use to groundwater quality using TerraSAR-X data
Investigator Soergel, Uwe - Leibniz Universitšt Hannover, Germany, Institute of Photogrammetry and GeoInformation
Team Members
Dr. rer. nat. Rode, Michael - Leibniz Universitšt Hannover, Germany, Institute of Environmental Planning (IUP)
Dr. Lohmann, Peter - Leibniz Universitšt Hannover, Germany, Institute of Photogrammetry and GeoInformation
SummaryIn this proposed research project, multitemporal TerraSAR-X polarimetric SAR data covering a whole season with monthly images will be examined for their usefulness to environmental monitoring within a drinking water protection area. An attempt to characterize the current agricultural land use in this area named "Fuhrberger Feld", north east of the city of Hannover, is being made using the SAR images together with GIS information like topographic maps, orthophotos, some ASTER and ENVISAT satellite images and also ground surveys, which will be carried out very close to the image acquisition time. Based on the structural and agricultural composition of that area resulting among others from known phenological development, treatment of soils and other site related factors, it is planned to enhance and validate a prognosis method using present area balance data together with its development to estimate future trends of land use and account for the impact to the quality of the ground water, which in this test area serves as drinking water reserve. Using this information, farmers could improve their efforts in establishing good agricultural practice, as being claimed by recent legal and environmental jurisdiction. The study requires 12 images of TerraSAR-X high res. Spotlight mode data in dual polarization, covering a whole phenological season of agricultural land use within a well known test area, which is visited for ground truth parallel to the image acquisitions. Funding will be provided by using the regular staff, software and computers of the institutes

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