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Summary of Proposal LAN0010

TitleUsing TerraSAR-X data for landuse mapping and environmental research
Investigator Martin, Klaus - SLU, Company for Remote Sensing and Environmental Research, N/A
Team Members
Dr. Martin, Klaus - SLU, N/A
SummaryTerraSAR-X data offer the chance for high resolution remote sensing data independent from weather and ilumination conditions.
The first part oft this project wants to investigate the possiblities for operational landuse mapping over a complete vegetation cycle.
In oder to be able to collect fast enough actual ground truth data, a compact investigation area with good traffic conditions has been choosen around the city of Freising. A network of investigation areas will be prepared and managed by a GIS system. Object properties of landuse types will be measured with statistical parameters (mean, deviation). Seasonal changes will be observed.
Seven times of data acquisitions are planned. Project goals require a high ground resolution, good radiometric quality and high geometric quality of the data. Important products of the project will be landuse maps and a multitemporal monitoring as input for landuse management systems. Precise geocoding in a projected coordinate system (UTM WGS84) is necessary. Data fusion with optical satellite data (Aster,Ikonos, Quickbird) can be investigated if available.
The second part of this project will investigate high resolution Spotlight data for determinig forest crown structure in the Bavarian National Park (Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald).

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