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Summary of Proposal HYD0007

TitleSoil moisture estimation using TerraSAR-X data
Investigator Baghdadi, Nicolas - CEMAGREF - UMR TETIS, Maison de la télédétection
Team Members
Dr Zribi, Mehrez - CNRS, Remote Sensing Department
SummaryThe objective is to investigate the potential of TerraSAR-X for the retrieval of surface soil moisture over bare soils in using several acquisition configurations:
  • To analyze the sensitivity of TerraSAR-X data to soil surface parameters (surface roughness and soil moisture) over bare fields, at various polarizations (HH, HV, and VV) and incidence angles (20° to 50°). Simultaneously with the radar measurements, ground truth measurements of soil roughness, moisture content, and bulk density will be carried out on several bare soil training sites. Gravimetric soil moisture samples will be collected randomly at 0-5 cm depths. Soil roughness measurements will be carried out using a pin-profiler (2 m long, 1 cm sampling interval).
  • The inversion of radar images to estimate surface soil parameters requires the use of well-calibrated backscattering models. The second objective of this project is to confirm the empirical calibration proposed by Baghdadi et al. (2004) for the backscattering Integral Equation Model. Next, it is necessary to extend this calibration to include SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) data in X-band.
  • Estimation of soil moisture in using physical models (IEM, Dubois, Oh) or empirical inversion approaches. This work will enable us to evaluate the potential of the new TerraSAR-X sensor for extracting surface soil moisture.
  • Comparison between ASAR data (C-band) and TerraSAR-X data (X-band)for estimating soil moisture. In fact, the radar signal is more sensitive to surface roughness at C-band than X-band. Thus the estimation of soil moisture should be more accurate at X-band.
  • The delivrables concern reports, communications in national and international workshops, and papers in international journals.

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