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Summary of Proposal GEO0706

TitleDetail surface deformation and landslide monitoring using high resolution Terra-SAR X data in potential geohazard area, Taiwan
Investigator Yen, Jiun-Yee - National Dong Hwa University, Institute of Earth Sciences
Team Member
Associate Professor Chang, Chung-Pai - National Central University, Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research
Professor Hwang, Cheinway - National Chiao Tung University, Department of Civil Engineering
Researcher Hung, Wei-Chia - Industrial Technology Research Institute, Energy & Resource Laboratories,
Assistant Professor Yen, Jiun-Yee - National Donghwa University, Department of Natural Resource and Environ- mental Studies

This project aims at applying the space-borne radar technique to determine the surface deformation of Taiwan area and its relationship with tectonic activities, natural hazards and humans activities.

The orogen of Taiwan is young and active as indicated by the high elevation of topography and the dense seismicity. The ongoing crustal deformations have therefore caused considerable damages. With the very high population density in Taiwan, the prevention of geological hazards becomes a very urgent task for natural disaster mitigation. However, as Taiwan has one of world’s fastest uplift and erosion rates, temporal and geometrical decorrelation of radar signals can occur easily with long observation cadence. In order to overcome these difficulties, we recently applied the persistent scatterers SAR interferometry (PSI) to deal with the temporal and geometrical decorrelation of SAR signals.

In this project we propose to utilize frequent observation and higher measurement precision of X-band radar from Terra-SAR X and apply DInSAR and PSI to determine the fast and non-steady crustal deformation of the Taiwan area by using images acquired by Terra-SAR X satellite. The time to go through this project is taken into account will be 36 months from acceptance of the proposal. Our main target will be focused on some of the key areas in Taiwan. In particular, areas with fast deformation and abundant prior geodetic studies such as Taipei basin. It is anticipated to process at least 100 images. Our observation based on DInSAR and PSI in this area will reveal the surface deformation of the study area and can be combined with other geophysical analyses, so as to obtain a better knowledge of the active surface deformation of the Taiwan area.

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