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Summary of Proposal MTH0702

TitleInterferometric processing for stacks of TSX images
Investigator De Zan, Francesco - DLR, RK HR OP
Team MemberNo team members defined
SummaryThe objective of the study for which data are asked is to show on real data the performance of innovative algorithms for the processing of interferometric stacks, in particular to recover the deformation signal (or any coherent interferometic signal) over long time spans where conventional interferometry (both traditional interferograms and PS) fails due to excessive temporal decorrelation or absence od strong, isolated targets. The methods to be used are advanced algorithms for the processing of interferometric stacks. For one experiment it is necessary to have a stack of data (30 or more images) such that the long term coherence between the beginning and the end of the stack is low but greater than zero (like in the range 0.1-0.2). The resolution must be high enough that a 100 or more look multilooking can be performed. A near to zero baseline would be an advantage. Since it is not possible to know the coherence characteristics of a stack a priori, it might be necessary to try different datasets and repeat the experiment.

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