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Summary of Proposal LAN0697

TitleInvestigation of the phenological impact on a transferable classification concept for multitemporal TerraSAR-X data (PI-X)
Investigator Pasternak, René - Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Navigation
Team Member
Dipl.-Geogr. Pasternak, René - University of Stuttgart, Institute for navigation
SummaryPI-X is designed to investigate the impact oft he regional and interannual variations of the vegetation development on an automated land use classification, termed for three years. The main focus is in the vegetation covered land surface, with particular emphasis on the agricultural landscape. The variability of the vegetation development depends on different conditions of growth, caused by weather and relief. Due to the coexistence of different natural units, the state of Baden-Württemberg provides a possibility to investigate the above mentioned problem. 3 test sites were chosen in total, to guarantee an observable time shift within the vegetation development. As a start large amounts of data are necessary within in the scope of the project covering the whole vegetation period including the regional and interannual time shift between the test sites. During the project, one question to be answered is, how to schedule data acquisition of TerraSAR-X with the help of meteorological data. Further, another objective in this context is to seek timeframes during which crops can be distinguished best. This will help to minimize the needed data. All works should result in automated and transferable classification method of the land use. Results can be used for the update of land use information systems at federal or federal state authorities and as an addition to the core or additional services in the framework of DeCover.

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