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Summary of Proposal HYD0677

TitleHydrology and Land Use in the Elbe River Biosphere Reserve in Lower Saxony, Germany
Investigator Keienburg, Tobias - Administration of the Elbe River Biosphere Reserve in Lower Saxony, Germany, Research, Documentation, Education and Public Relations
Team Member
Ms. Farghaly, Dalia - Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Soil and water management
Aim of the investigation is to analyse the large-scale surface water coverage in the Elbe River Biosphere Reserve.
Up to now there do not exist any maps of the surface water coverage at different times of the year, including low and high water levels.
The used applications will be ERDAS Imagine 9.3, ENVI 4.5 as remote sensing packages. Additionally, ArcView 3.x and ArcGIS 9.x will be used as GIS software. As needed, hydrological models will complement the studies. The images will be filtered using Speckle Suppression under Radar Interpreter menu. The proposed filter is Lee filter. The classification methods will be supervised classification method.
Data requirements
  • Space: Optimally, the TerraSAR-X images provided by DLR would cover the area between 53°0'0"N, 10°30'0"E (lower left corner) and 53°23'0"N, 11°30'0"E (upper right corner). This rectangle includes the total area of the Biosphere Reserve. If provision of this data was not possible, investigations would have to be focussed on the floodplains and adjoining marsh areas. As these areas cannot be described as rectangle, exact spatial information about the location of these areas could be given separately as vector file.
  • Time: Optimally, TerraSAR-X images could be provided of as many dates as possible within the period 2008-01-01 to 2011-06-30. Only short periods between the images could ensure that significant changes of river and ground water levels would be represented in the maps to be created.
  • First part of the deliverables will be vector and raster files with the surface water coverage in the Elbe River Biosphere Reserve at as many times of the year as possible in the period 2008 to June 2011.
  • Second part of the deliverables will be an animation of the surface water coverage in the Elbe River Biosphere Reserve, based on the aforementioned vector or raster files.
  • MSc Dalia Farghaly is a PhD scholarship holder of graduate school of LEUPHANA University Lüneburg; funding is ensured until June 2012. The expenses for hardware and software have already been covered by budget resources of the supervising professor of University Lüneburg, other infrastructural costs will be covered by University Lüneburg as it is common practice.
  • Personnel costs of Tobias Keienburg are covered by BMBF KLIMZUG-NORD project, as it is expected that the results of the TerraSAR-X investigations will contribute to the aim of the KLIMZUG-NORD project, i.e. to develop adaptation strategies against climate change for the Elbe floodplains. Funding is ensured until March 2014, if a mid-term review in August 2010 will be successful. Infrastructural costs (GIS software, hardware, travel) are covered either by the KLIMZUG-NORD project or by the biosphere administration' regular budget.
  • It is hoped that the acquisition of the necessary TERRASAR-X images will be covered by the general agreement between DLR and the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, and thus will be free of costs for the Elbe River Biosphere Reserve.

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