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Summary of Proposal LAN0671

TitleEstimation of Snow Parameters (SNOWPACK)
Investigator Hajnsek, Irena - German Aerospace Center (DLR), Microwaves and Radar Institute
Team Member
Dr. Yueh, Simon - JPL, Climate, Oceans and Solid Earth Section
Dr. Tsang, Leung - University of Washington,
Dr. Shi, Jianchen - University of California Santa Barbara,
Dr. Marshall, Hans-Peter - Boise State University,
SummaryIn the frame of the Snowpack Mission TerraSAR-X data acqusitions are planned to be carried out in conjunctions with airborne and ground measurements. SNOWPACK will carry out a rigorous research program, leveraging the unique strength of suborbital platform with flexible sampling intervals for intensive observations of snowpack processes, and perform rigorous science analyses to address the proposed science objectives. The salient features of the proposed mission include the following: Remote Sensing Measurements: Snow water equivalent, freeze/thaw state of snowpack and soil moisture for snow-free areas Mission Duration: Two snow seasons Study Domain: The Rockies in Colorado and Sierra Nevada in California Sampling Interval: Flexible from diurnal to 2-3 days for the Rockies and every 11 days for the Sierra Nevada Calibration/Validation: In-situ flux tower observations and field surveys As a partner of the Snowpack Mission, the TerraSAR-X data will be acquired(and/or its upcoming partner for the TanDEM-X mission) for the two proposed operational periods: October 2011-April 2012 (Operation period 1) and October 2012-April 2013 (Operation period 2). During the operation periods, TerraSAR-X in the ScanSAR mode with four sub-swaths to produce a total swath width of 100 km to acquire data over two study domains in Colorado and California. A final report of the SNOWPAK Mission will be open and provided to the TerraSAR-X team.

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