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Summary of Proposal OCE0644

TitleRetrieval of sea-ice floe size distribution using TerraSAR-X data
Investigator Hwang, Byongjun - The Scottish Association for Marine Science, Sea ice
Team Member
Prof. Kim, Duk-jin - Seoul_National_University, School_of_Earth_and_Environmental_Sciences
Dr Maksym, Edward - British_Antarctic_Survey, Science
Clausi, David A. - University of Waterloo, System Design Engineering
Necsoiu, Marius - Southwest Research Institute, Geoscience and Engineering Devision
Pederson, Leif Toudal - Denmarks Meteorologiske Institut,
SummaryThe objective of this project is to explore the full potential of high-resolution (up to 1 m) TSX data in resolving small ice floes in the retrieval of ice floe size distribution (FSD). Innovative nature of this project is in its originality that incorporates high-resolution capability of TSX data into FSD retrieval, which has not been reported in literature to our knowledge. Due to nature of exploratory study we will require several different products of TSX (i.e. SM, SH and SC). This provides us a good selection of spatial resolution (1 to 18 m) and polarization (single and dual) configuration. This allows us to examine the maximum capability of TSX data that how much small ice floe can be resolved, the optimal trade-off between spatial resolution and swath size and optimal polarizations for the best results. We will also test various methods for speckle noise reduction and FSD retrieval to find the best (optimal) procedure to derive FSD from TSX data. The results will contribute to wider scientific application of TSX data and increase our current knowledge of sea ice retreat/melting processes. From this work our deliverables are mid-term and final reports, algorithm to produce FSD and publication (optional) in peer-reviewed literature (the results obtained during the project will be unique and will probably be suitable for publication). For the funding we have two separate funding sources according to the depth of our study: case and in-depth studies. For the case study we target limited but essential number (24 products) of TSX images to address our objectives in limited cases. The funding for this case study has been secured by an existing project, the Oceans 2025 strategic marine science programme by UK Natural Environment Research Council. In the in-depth study we would like to extent the number of TSX images for more robust investigation of TSX algorithm over entire melting season. The funding for this in-depth study has been allocated in Bell-Retreat project (an UK Antarctic Funding Initiative) that has been submitted to UK Natural Environment Research Council and the funding results will be available around June 2010. So it is subject to the success of the Bell-Retreat proposal. It should be noted that the in-depth study will greatly enhance this TSX project but will not significantly affect addressing the core objectives of this TSX project.
Final ReportPlease find the detailed report in PDF file attached.

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