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Summary of Proposal MTH0628

TitleArchaeological research at Gheriat el-Garbia
Investigator Eineder, Michael - DLR, IMF
Team Member
Dr. Eineder, Michael - DLR, IMF
Dipl. Yague-Martinez, Nestor - DLR, IMF
SummaryThe LMUexcellent graded project “Archaeological and scientific research on the Roman imperial frontier in northwestern Libya and southern Tunesia (so-called Limes Tripolitanus) – part 1: The Severan fort at Gheriat el-Garbia”, directed by M. Mackensen, Professor for Archaeology of the Roman Provinces at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, intends to examine different archaeological questions regarding the Limes Tripolitanus. An analysis of the fort’s local, regional and wider-scale context is of utmost importance. The Libyan Department of Archaeology, Tripoli, has therefore granted permission to excavate and survey the Roman fort at Gheriat el-Garbia and its immediate surroundings (c. 13° 25’ 08”E- latitude, 30° 25’ 14” N-longitude). Archaeologically relevant objects within the area of the fort itself will be plotted and documented using ground-penetrating radar (GPR). TerraSAR-X-data, utilized in line with the archaeological research, will be instrumental in visualizing the local spatial arrangement by means of a digital terrain model (DTM). The fort itself is located next to an oasis in an arid, non-cultivated area. However, to clarify important issues such as the main access routes leading to the fort, we will have to rely on high resolution TerraSAR-X-information. It is hoped that this TerraSAR-X-DTM dataset can be intensified with the addition of local topographical measurements and, if possible, GPR data. This process will subsequently enable a better visualization of the local archaeological finds. The integration of data from highly differing sources is a specific procedure and as a result will be applied with particular archaeological objectives in mind for the first time. Great attention must therefore be paid to the SAR-data’s resolution and high (spatial) coherence, especially in the area of the adjacent oasis. In addition to the singular recording of the spatial surroundings of Gheriat el-Garbia it would be desirable to monitor regional changes within the fort as well as in the area surrounding the fort by using data collected as part of the TerraSAR-X-Tandem mission.

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