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Summary of Proposal GEO0583

TitleHigh resolution DInSAR monitoring of landslides in the urban area of Alcoy (Alicante province, SE Spain)
Investigator Delgado, José - Universidad de Alicante, Ciencias de la Tierra
Team Member
Dr López-Sánchez, Juan Manuel - Universidad de Alicante, Física, Ingeniería de Sistemas y Teoría de la Señal
Jover, Roberto Tomás - Universidad de Alicante,
Grijalba, Fernando Vicente - Universidad de Alicante,
Piedecausa Cases, Mar - Universidad de Alicante,
Mallorqui, Jordi J. - Universidad Politécnica de Cataluna,
Lopez-Dekker, Francisco - Universidad Politécnica de Cataluna,
Duque, Sergi - Universidad Politécnica de Cataluna,
Monells, Daniel - Universidad Politécnica de Cataluna,
Mulas, Joaquin - Instituto Geologico y Minero de Espana,
Herrera, Gerardo - Instituto Geologico y Minero de Espana,
SummaryThe project is focused in an area historically affected by landslides. They are the result of a step relief, climatic conditions (sudden, high intensity, rain episodes, also known as “gota fria”), low shear strength materials, intense erosion and, finally, human activities. This region is already being studied with DInSAR by employing ERS and Envisat-ASAR images, and a number of instrumental measurements are also available. The research is designed with the following OBJECTIVES: 1) Scientific evaluation of landslide occurrence retrieved with advanced DInSAR techniques employing TerraSAR-X images. In particular: benefits of high resolution images, higher deformation sensitivity and short revisiting period, possible new error sources appearing at X-band (in contrast with the established knowledge at C-band), etc. 2) Comparison and synergy between results derived from Envisat-ASAR images and TerraSAR-X images. 3) Improvement in validation of differential interferometry due to the higher resolution and a better geocoding of the results. 4) Determination of temporal patterns of deformation in unstable areas. The following actions constitute the METHODOLOGY proposed for this project: 1) Validation of the ground movement (unstability occurrence) results by comparison with in situ data (topographical). 2) Comparison of ground movement results against values provided by Envisat-ASAR images. Exploration of the synergy between both types of data. 3) Integration in a GIS and analysis: spatial and temporal correlation with terrain features, etc. The following DATA are required for the fulfillment of the project: 1) TerraSAR-X images acquired in stripmap mode over the same site in a repetitive basis: 11 days cycle and same configuration. Images in both ascending and descending orbits will be requested for measuring also horizontal displacements. 2) Precise (science) orbital data of the acquisitions 3) In situ measurements: ground deformation data (topographical and inclinometer devices), geotechnical properties of underground, geological data, numerical modeling data, etc. 4) Daily/monthly rain data, water table depth. -5) DEM of the study area. The main DELIVERABLES of the project are: - Landslide occurrence maps with fine resolution. - Accuracy of the ground movement results provided by this technique and cross-validation with ENVISAT data. - Geological interpretation of the landslides. - Potential combined technique with the use of both Envisat-ASAR and TerraSAR-X images. With respect to the required funding for paying the acquisition of images, at the moment, images will be paid with funds from an on course R&D project supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Education (MEC), ref. TEC2008-06764-C02-02, but a specific application will be prepared for this proposal, also at national level.

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