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Summary of Proposal LAN0578

TitleCritical Infrastructure Monitoring
Investigator Power, Desmond - C-CORE, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Team Member
Mr. Power, Desmond - C-CORE, N/A
Dr. Vachon, Paris - DRDC Ottawa, Radar Applications and Space Technology
Dr. Vallerand, Andrew - DRDC CSS, Directorate S&T Public Security
SummaryThis project is focused on Critical Infrastructure Protection security applications using a virtual SAR satellite constellation that combines the advantages of several independent systems. The project combines R&D into four integrated technology areas with case studies for validation. This ensures an appropriate end user is involved in the early stages of the R&D and provides results-based deliverables as outcomes. The opportunity to advance the capability for critical infrastructure monitoring precipitates from the recent launch of a new generation of satellites that has created an opportunity for significant advances in intrusion and integrity monitoring. Features of these satellites include higher resolution for increased detail, higher revisit cycles for more frequent imaging opportunities, full polarimetry for better classification of detected targets, and X-band and C-band radar interaction with the earth for better understanding of surface features. This project proposes to undertake a significant research and development program to develop algorithms that extract security and integrity information about the infrastructure from this satellite constellation. DRDC understands the technology and technical risk associated with this development. This project has a high probability of success. The four technology areas are listed below: - Target Detection: - Coherent Change Detection - Classification - Subsidence monitoring The goal of this project is the development of a toolkit of validated algorithms that exploit SAR satellite data for critical infrastructure protection applications. The toolkit contains algorithms for target detection, target classification, coherent change detection, and ground movement measurement. The applications involved intrusion and integrity monitoring for the security and safety of Canadians. A future component of this project is the definition and development of the operational system to receive, analyze, and dissemination information products in an operational environment. Funding for this project is coming mainly through DRDC CSS, who have received a research grant through the Canadian Space Agency's Government Research Initiatives Program

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