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Summary of Proposal LAN0569

TitleDEM generation by Radargrammetry
Investigator Fischer, Christian - German Aerospace Center, German Remote Sensing Data Center
Team Member
Dr.-Ing. Fischer, Christian - DLR-DFD, LA
Dr. Raggam, Johann - JRG, DBV
Dipl.-Ing. Roth, Achim - DLR-DFD, LA
SummaryThe proposal has strong environmental research components aiming at the assessment of environmental problems of uncontrolled coal fires in northern China, relevant to local and regional environments. By studying new methods to model, analyse and quantify, later also to monitor coal fires and coal fire affected regions, the generation of high quality information of the topographic surface is a must. The overall aim is to develop procedures, as automated as possible, based on different data sets (e.g. reference data, like digital terrain data, mapped information from the field, classification and thermal anomaly detection results) to synthesize coal fire related parameter that can be used to describe spatial and temporal changes. The accuracy of the obtained results has to be analysed to improve detection and monitoring of located fires and their changes over the time more accurately as it is possible today. This approach hast to take the inherent uncertainty of the different data sets into account. One important point is the transferability of the approach to different coal fire areas. The derived DEM will be not only used to describe the topographic surface and to provide spatial information of the fire zones under investigation, moreover the data set will be used as an important input parameter to model the relevant coal fire related energy release. As coal fire are a long-lasting problem in different regions worldwide, the succesful development of adequate monitoring concepts bases on accurate information. Besides these aspects, additionally SAR data has the fundamental advantage of being weather-independent.

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