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Summary of Proposal GEO0553

TitleSpatial and statistical characterization of environmental and anthropic parameters conditioning the terrain stability
Investigator Baghdadi, Nicolas - CEMAGREF - UMR TETIS, Maison de la télédétection
Team Member
Senior researcher Baghdadi, Nicolas - CEMAGREF, UMR TETIS
Researcher Abdallah, Chadi - Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research, Remote Sensing Center
Prof. Bou Kheir, Rania - Lebanese University, Faculty of Geography
SummaryGlobal climatic changes and anthropic pressures increasing, there is a necessity of having protection and sustainability. In this context, this project contributes to a better understanding of the characterization of environmental and anthropic parameters influencing the occurrence of surficial processes, conditioning the terrain stability in Lebanon. Remote sensing based on multi-sensor approaches at very high resolution (optical and radar) appears of primordial importance allowing the identification of these parameters. The integration of these in a GIS environment will lead to the prediction and modelling of surficial processes in this country. The followed methodology is based from one hand on the extraction of influencing parameters (ex. Hydric status, roughness, terraces, vegetation, etc…) from radar data (TerraSAR-X, PALSAR/ALOS, ASAR,…) or from panchromatic satellites [SPOT 5 (2,5 m), IKONOS (1 m)], and from the other hand on the mapping of surficial processes by integrating theses parameters and applying the various statistical approaches (ex. ACP). The obtained maps characterizing the surficial processes can differ according to the implicated parameters (input data) and can be validated in the field. This research project is funded through a French-Lebanese cooperation (CEDER project) for 2 years starting from 2009. A sum of 1600 Euros are dedicated for purchasing TerraSAR-X data (research price)

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