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Summary of Proposal HYD0542

TitleExploiting very high resolution optical and SAR imagery to monitor soil surface characteristics (texture, rugosity and humidity)
Team Member
De Boissezon, Hefore - CNRS,
Summary1.1 Objectives: This project aims at demonstrating the potential of high resolution spatial sensors (optical and active microwaves) for a better characterization of the soil surface characteristics (texture, moisture, roughness). The work will be particularly focused on the assessment of the contribution of the TerraSAR wavelength (X-band), polarization and radar incidence angle for this thematic field. To address this problem, we propose in this project three research orientations: - Estimation from TerraSAR-X data soil parameters such as roughness, moisture and texture (this parameter is often ignored). - Analysis of the respective contribution of radar and optical very high spatial resolution data for the extraction of objects playing a decisive part in the flow schema (e.g. ditches channels and dams). Among these, there are linear structures limiting or supporting the flows (e.g. water ways and dams), the land-use/land-cover (sub-field), and the soil surface characteristics (roughness, moisture and vegetation). - Analysis of the potential of synergy between radar and optical data for a better characterization of soil surface parameters 1.2 Methodology The first step of the methodology used in this work will be to understand the behaviour of radar signal over soils which have different physical properties (roughness, moisture, texture). The signal will be analyse in regards of captor configuration. Theses first step will be allow us to propose an optimal configuration for soil surface parameters mapping. Moreover, ground campaigns will be carried out on our study sites. Finally, the characterization of soil surface parameters will be correlated with agricultural practises (types of farming interventions, mulching etc.). 1.3 Data requirement 16 TerraSAR-X images will be programmed with the following plan and acquisition characteristics: - 10 images in High Resolution SpotLight mode for the period April-May 2009 with 3 incidence angles (low (~20°), middle and high (~50°)), and 3 dual polarizations (HH/HV and HH/VV and VH/VV) - 6 images in High Resolution SpotLight mode for the period September-December 2009 with 2 incidences angles (low (~20°) and high (~50°)), and 3 dual polarizations (HH/HV and HH/VV and VH/VV) - Acquisition mode MGD 1.4 Deliverables In 2009, we will submit paper to IJRS or RSE. Different papers were already published by the team: [08-7] Corbane C., Faure J.F., Baghdadi N., Villeneuve N., and Petit M., 2008. Rapid Urban Mapping Using SAR/Optical Imagery Synergy. Sensors, vol.8, no. 11, pp. 7125-7143. [08-5] Baghdadi N., Zribi M., Loumagne C., Ansart P., and Paris Anguela T., 2008. Analysis of TerraSAR-X data and their sensitivity to soil surface parameters over bare agricultural fields. Remote Sensing of Environment, vol. 112, issue 12, pp. 4370-4379. [08-2] Le Morvan A., Zribi M., Baghdadi N., and Chanzy A., 2008. Soil moisture profile effect on radar signal measurement. Sensors Journal, vol. 8, pp. 256-270. [08-1] Baghdadi N., Cerdan O., Zribi M., Auzet V., Darboux F., El Hajj M., and Bou Keir R., 2008. Operational performance of current synthetic aperture radar sensors in mapping soil surface characteristics: application to hydrological and erosion modelling. Hydrological Processes, vol. 22, Issue 1, pp. 9-20. [07-2] Baghdadi N., Aubert M., Cerdan O., Franchistéguy L., Viel C., Martin E., Zribi M., and Desprats J.F., 2007. Operational mapping of soil moisture using synthetic aperture radar data: application to Touch basin (France). Sensors Journal, vol. 7, pp. 2458-2483.

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