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Summary of Proposal MTH0537

TitleNew methods for high resolution data fusion
Investigator Reppucci, Antonio - Starlab SL, Space Applications
Team Member
Mr Reppucci, Antonio - Starlab SL, Space Applications
Mrs Moreno, Laura - Starlab SL, Space Applications
Dr. Soria-Frisch, Aureli - Starlab SL, Neuroscience applications
SummaryTerraSAR X data will be used together with high resolution optical data, e.g. Spot-5, to develop new methods for data fusion. The performance of data fusion operators based on Support Vector Machine and Random Forest will be investigated and compared to conventional operators such as Principal Component Analysis, Intensity HueSaturation, Wavelet Transform. Improvements in the retrieval of geophysical parameters from mountain area, man made structure from urban area and oil spill detection will be assessed. In particular the research will focus on the improvement of the existing techniques for the retrieval of snow coverage and oil spill detection, using fused images. The performance of the developed methods will be tested as well in urban area for the detection of man made structure. In situ measurements will be used to compare the results. Funding is provided by the Spanish Government in the frame of the INTESOR project.

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