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Summary of Proposal LAN0533

TitleObserving Angkorian urban landscapes with TerraSAR-X
Investigator Sonnemann, Till - University of Sydney, Archaeology
Team Member
Professor Fletcher, Roland - The University of Sydney, Archaeology
Dr Hendrickson, Mitchel James - The University of Sydney, Archaeology
Dr Evans, Damian - The University of Sydney, Archaeology

The Angkorian landscape is spotted with archaeological remains that have been investigated intensively with aerial imagery. Although overall the focus of investigation is predominantly on the temple ruins, the Khmer Empire constructed massive earthworks for water management which have been surveyed by the Sydney University Greater Angkor Project over the last 10 years. Some canal embankments have only small elevation and were detected mainly by aerial imagery and for the last years with GPR. TerraSAR-X data shall provide additional information to the so far used ground based and aerial methods to help understanding the Angkorian water management system and detect unknown features.
Like all data within the project the imagery will be included in a GIS database to be directly comparable to other remote sensing data. While the former SAR missions detected only major earthworks, the use of GPR provides the researchers with information about subsurface and buried features but is locally restricted, high resolution SAR-data is expected to map features further in the landscape. The main area of interest lies within or close to Angkor Archaeological Park, those are the surroundings of Bakong, and Pre Rup temple and Banteay Sra. Additional data might be requested after verifying the usefulness of it.

The funding for imagery over Angkor archaeological will be provided by the Greater Angkor Project (GAP) of the University of Sydney, data requested from Preah Khan of Kompong Svay and Koh Ker will be funded by Australian Research Council (ARC) grants gained by Mitch Hendrickson and Damian Evans.

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