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Summary of Proposal MTH0528

TitleArea-wide detection of mining related ground movements by combining multi-sensoral and multi-temporal DInSAR and PSI analyses
Investigator Busch, Wolfgang - TU Clausthal, IGMC, Dept. of Mine Surveying
Team Member
Dipl.-Geol. Schäfer, Michael - TU Clausthal, Institute of Geotechnical Engineering and Mine Surveying
Dipl.-Inf. Hannemann, Wilhelm - TU Clausthal, Institute of Geotechnical Engineering and Mine Surveying
SummaryThe main objective of this proposal is the area wide detection of ground movements using satellite based differential radar interferometry. This means it should be possible to declare vertical ground movements for user-defined time spans for any arbitrary point in the area of investigation. The result will be based upon diverse interferometric measurements using different analysis approaches. Of course these height changes will have different qualities respectively uncertainties depending on time and location, which should also be stated. One intended aim will be the development of a mathematical model for vertical ground movements. Based upon these results it will be possible to generate diverse visualisations, like map views, isoline views, or animations for specific times or time spans, and regions or points. The results will be compared with extensive reference data measured mainly by levelling. Also twelve radar corner reflectors (CR) have been installed in the area of interest which can act as control points measured by levelling. The data to be used for the studies will originate from three different satellite based SAR sensors; TerraSAR-X, ENVISAT ASAR, and ALOS PALSAR. These sensors possess unequal characteristics like ground resolution, acquisition repeat interval or wavelength of the radar signal. Therefore their applicability for different regions (e.g. rural, urban, woodland) and height changes (different rates or dimensions) is differing. It is intended to utilize the advantages of the three sensors to gain as many information as possible about height changes (both in space and time). This aim shall be reached by a combination of two different analysis approaches - Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSInSAR / PSI) and conventional Differential SAR Interferometry (DInSAR) - applied to the available satellite data. The combination will be achieved with new methods to be developed, for example by mathematical modelling of spatial height changes. The research project is founded by the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen "Otto von Guericke" e.V., AiF). The charged AiF member is the research association of the German lignite industry (Forschungsgemeinschaft Deutsche Braunkohlen-Industrie e.V., FDBI). The homepage of the research project can be found under URL (only available in German language).

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