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Summary of Proposal HYD0516

TitleInvestigation of the groundwater and surface water inflow on the western part of the Dead Sea
Investigator Mallast, Ulf - Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research, Hydrogeology
Team Member
Dr. Rödiger, Tino - Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research, Hydrogeology
Dr. Siebert, Christian - Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research, Hydrogeology
SummaryThe proposal is framed by the BMBF funded project SMART (Sustainable Management of Available Water Resources with Innovative Technologies). The objective is the quantification of ground water and surface water inflow from the western shore into the Dead Sea. To achieve this objective remote sensing and hydrogeological methods will be used in a supplemental way. TerraSAR data will be used to indentify current courses of faults being the main object of groundwater flow. Additionally, airborne TIR images of the offshore region are used to identify warm and cold groundwater inflows into the Dead Sea. Both resuls are combined to sketch the course of aquifers along the coast. Based on those information geoelectric measurements are used to determine the aquiferbody along the course. All results are applied to the Darcy equation to calculate the groundwater inflow. The surface water inflow will be determined in two ways. Flowmeters will give the exact number of inflow from the Wadis into the Dead Sea. As this water bares a high amount of sedinments TerraSAR data will be used to determine the horizontal extension of the sediment plumes which is supplemented by field measurements to gain the vertical dimension of the plumes. All data will be compared to SAR data to determine a coherency and to derive a mathematical linearity which enables us to determine the surface water inflow based on the plumes that are developed. To achieve all mentioned facts it will be neccessary to analyze one summer and one winter scene per year for two years. If the results show a lack of necessarry information additional scenes would be aquired.

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