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Summary of Proposal OCE0510

TitleAssessment of offshore wind resource using TerraSAR-X and MM5
Investigator Kozai, Katsutoshi - Kobe University, Graduate School of Maritime Sciences
Team Member
Dr. Ohsawa, Teruo - Kobe University, Graduate School of Maritime Sciences
Researcher Takeyama, Yuko - National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology, Information Technology
SummaryOBJECTIVE: 1) Clarification of wind climate characteristics over the coastal waters located in relatively low latitudes and adjacent to complex onshore terrains, like Japanese coastal waters, using SAR data and the mesoscale model MM5, 2) Understanding of the limitations of the SAR- and MM5-based wind resource assessments in such coastal waters with complex wind climate, and 3) Development of a new methodology for offshore wind resource assessment combining SAR and MM5, in order to overcome the limitations understood above. METHOD: 1) For two Japanese coastal waters with wind observation stations, archived TerraSAR-X data will be acquired and processed to obtain statistics on the wind climate, 2) In parallel, numerical simulation with MM5 will be performed for two years and the outputted hourly wind data will be used to calculate the statistics on the wind climate, 3) These results will be used to examine the wind climate characteristics as well as used for comparison with in situ measurements to evaluate the accuracy of the two methods, and 4) Based on the above results, a new methodology for offshore wind resource assessment will be developed by effectively combining each advantage of TerraSAR-X and MM5. DATA REQUIREMENTS ScanSAR mode in single polarization (preferably VV) covering the following study areas with ascending and descending orbits; Tanabe Bay (33.709N, 135.333E), Sagami Bay (35.30N, 139.33E) DELIVERABLES: 1) Interim reports on the wind climate characteristics over coastal waters and its impact on the wind resource assessment, 2) Interim reports on the evaluation of the SAR- and MM5-based offshore wind resource assessments, and 3) Final report on the new methodology for the offshore wind resource assessment developed in this project. FUNDING: 1) Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan (2007-2009), 2) The collaborative research grant from Kyoto University, Japan, and 3) Other new funds for this project from MEXT (applied in 2009). This project is planned to last for two years by December 2010.

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