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Summary of Proposal MTH0505

TitleExtraction of Ground Control Information from TerraSAR-X for improvement of location accuracy of optical satellite data
Investigator Müller, Rupert - DLR, IMF-PB
Team Member
Dipl. Phys. Müller, Rupert - DLR, IMF-PB
Anderson, Neal - Digital Globe Inc.,
SummaryObjective: Extraction of Ground Control Information from TerraSAR-X geocoded data to improve georeferncing accuracy of satellite optical data. Method: 1) Automatic GCP extraction by mutual information matching techniques 2) Improvement of Line-of-Sight model for optical data 3) Manual procedures for GCP extraction Data Requirements: TerraSAR-X data in Spotlight and Stripmap mode from several regions in Europe, especially in larger Urban zones. Deliverables: Preliminary and Final Report

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