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Summary of Proposal MTH0493

TitleMethod for semi-automated forest mapping from Terrasar-X POL-Sar analysis and optical data
Investigator López Hernández, Juan Ygnacio - University of Freiburg, FELIS
Team Member
Professor Koch, Barbara - Chair, Remote Sensing and Landscape Information Systems
Mr. Lopez Hernandez, Juan Ygnacio - Chair, Remote Sensing and Landscape Information Systems
SummaryOrthorectified data from Landsat ETM+ sensor was taken from the Global Land Cover Facility (GLCF). With information from 7 spectral bands and the panchromatic band we are going to develop a method for identification of forest areas measuring their main parameters incorporating Pol-SAR data. Stands in a transect from sea level up to 5 km of elevation, at least in 5 different biogeographic zones, are going to be evaluated. Forest cover maps are going to be produced for three dates: 1990, 2000 and 2006. First two dates will be made mainly from optical satellite images, third will be made with radar TerraSar-X data. With these maps, a time series will be made. The behavior of forest coverage will be analyzed. Partial changes for every date will be analyzed and total trend of these changes will be presented. Five maps will be produced, one for each date, two for every inter-annual dates and other one from the beginning to the end of the analysis. An interpretation key will be made in order to identify the correct forest cover in a TerraSar-X image. Sample areas will be selected and forest maps will be made in order to compare results of this method against those obtained by classic optical remote sensing data.

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