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Summary of Proposal OCE0478

TitleTerraSAR-X observations and mathematical modeling of the Adriatic bora wind and related wave field
Investigator Kuzmic, Milivoj - Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Department of Marine and Environmental Research
Team Member
Prof. Lehner, Susanne - DLR, IMF
SummaryThe overall objective of this study is an assessment of the TerraSAR-X sensor performance in observing the Adriatic bora wind and the Adriatic sea-state response from space. Bora is a cold, dry, and gusty downslope flow of air from prevailing north-easterly direction. When it breaks through the Dinaric Alps passes and spreads over the Adriatic it leads to formation of alternating jets and wakes and related zones of strong lateral shearing. It also imposes a distinct wave field response. In order to attain the stated objectives we plan: to document with the TerraSAR-X images the spatial patterns and bora jets over the Adriatic Sea, to simulate numerically with the WRF model the wind field over the Adriatic at high spatial resolution, to model numerically with the SWAN model (two-way coupled with the ROMS circulation model) the Adriatic wave-response to bora, and to compare systematically the TerraSAR-X wind and wave parameter retrievals with respective WRF and SWAN model based estimates. Research-grade retrieval algorithms will be used to process the TerraSAR-measured backscatter into quantitative estimates of near-surface winds and surface waves. The modeling element will be based on three very-high resolution models using different computational grid-nesting levels and one- or two-way model coupling. The approach constructively combines the DLR expertise in SAR data processing and analysis, with RBI expertise in modeling and understanding of the Adriatic meteorology and oceanography. Deliverables include a collection of analyzed TerraSAR-X detected strong-bora events, technical report covering all remotely sensed and numerically modeled bora episodes, as well as publications in major scientific journals. The proposal activity will be funded entirely within framework of current national research projects.

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