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Summary of Proposal MTH0453

TitleMonitoring of the hydro-power plant’s canal
Investigator Gleich, Dušan - University of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Laboratory for Signal processing and remote control
Team Member
dr. Gleich, Dušan - UM, SPARC
Mr Kseneman, Matej - UM, SPARC
Mr Hebar, Marko - UM, SPARC
Mr Cucej, Zarko - UM, SPARC
Summary The research projects can be divided into 4 parts 1. Soil moisture estimation. In this part of the project we will implement well known methods for soil moisture estimation using TerraSAR-X data. Different models (Bragg, Dubois, Oh, entropy-xxx based connection, etc.) will be tested using SAR data using dual polarization SAR data. 2. Comparison of results obtained using the TerraSAR-X data with the existing moisture measuring system using network of sensors. Existing security system is based on the network of sensors that detect moisture around the canal. The main problem present the weather, when the heavy rain and storms occur, because through the network of the hydro-stations (9) the flow of the river is regularized, but the sensors cannot give the accurate data. Here we assume that the combination of the interferometry data and change detection of the polar data can give much more reliable estimation of the happening around the canal. 3. Change detection and DInSAR change detection. In this section we will research the possibility of the combining the change detection results of the time series of SAR images and the differential interferometric SAR data. The both methods are required, because with the change detection there is a possibility to detect changes in the area and the interferometric data will be used in order to detect movement of the river canal armature blocks. The results of both methods will give total change detection information. 4. Estimation of despeckling effect on applications of soil moisture, change detection and interferometric data. The scientific contribution of the project is the despeckling influence on the applications of the soil moisture estimation and change detection. Recently, we have developed a despeckling and feature extraction using regularized optimization using complex SAR data and therefore, the method needs to be evaluated using real application, which requires complex or real data.

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