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Summary of Proposal HYD0396

TitleClimate Response of Glaciers at the Antarctic Peninsula, on the Patagonia Icefield and Island observed by TerraSAR-X
Investigator Floricioiu, Dana - DLR, IMF
Team Member
Prof Rott, Helmut - University of Innsbruck, Institute for Meteorology and Geophysics
Dr. Nagler, Thomas - Enveo, IT GmbH
Dr. Eineder, Michael - DLR, IMF
Prof. Björnsson, Helgi - University of Iceland, Institute of Earth Sciences
Hubbard, Alun - Aberystwyth University, institute of Geography & Earth Science
SummaryThe project is aimed at advancing the knowledge of the dynamic response to climate change for two ice masses that have been subject to drastic retreat in recent years: (1) the outlet glaciers of the Antarctic Peninsula ice sheet above the previous Larsen A and B ice shelves; (2) the glaciers of the Southern Patagonia Ice Field. Glacier motion, retrieved from TerraSAR-X repeat pass images, will be the basis for studying the dynamic behaviour of main outlet glaciers of the Antarctic Peninsula, the Southern Patagonia Icefield and Vatnajökull. The detailed TerraSAR-X maps of ice motion will be applied for (a) studying the dynamic characteristics of the glaciers with unprecedented detail (shear zones, ice deformation, calving behaviour), (b) studying the temporal behaviour of the ice masses in response to climate warming (in comparison to previous ERS tandem data, SIR-C InSAR data, and field data) and (c) deriving the ice export due to calving and the contribution to sea level rise. Funding: The Austrian Space Application Programme (ASAP).

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