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Summary of Proposal MTH0384

TitleDevelopment of methods for the use of spaceborne TerraSAR-X data within the scope of forest inventories
Investigator Koch, Barbara - Universität Freiburg, FELIS
Team Member
Dipl.-Ing. Lemp, Dirk - Universitaet Freiburg, Abt. Fernerkundung und Landschaftsinformationssysteme
SummaryAbstract The present project proposal is focused on the development of algorithms and methods regarding the combined data analysis of optical and TerraSAR-X spaceborne data. The potential of using TerraSAR-X data as a single data source as well as in combination with optical sensor information should be examined for the exemplary topics of wide area forest inventories and early detection of calamities and damages caused e.g. by bark beetle. Forest inventory is a continuous task and – with respect to contemporary and cost effective solutions – the methods of forest inventories are constantly adapted to the actual technical processing. The use of remote sensing data is very efficient not only for periodic national and regional inventories but also for exceptional inventories due to fire, storm or aridity incidence or other calamities. The localization of those damage areas is of high interest to avoid substantial economic loss. A special problem within the scope of climate change and the resulting increase of extreme weather conditions is the dissemination of bark beetle calamities, not only in Europe but also in forests of North America and parts of Asia. Hence the main topics of the project are

a. the description of the forest resource
b. the improvement of methods for derivation of biomass and wood volume
c. the improvement of calamity area detection and
d. to enhance the operability of the processes for practical applications

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