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Summary of Proposal LAN0378

TitleComparison of Dual and Full Polarimetric Dataset Utilization for Land Cover classification and parameter extraction
Investigator Dhar, Tishampati - University of Adelaide, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Team Member
Professor Bates, Bevan - University of Adelaide, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Professor Gray, Douglas - University of Adelaide, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Product Manager Menges, Carl - Apogee Imaging International, Product Development
SummaryObjectives: Development of analysis techniques and metrics to estimate land-cover type and parameters from X-Band dual polarimetric. Validation of these with field data and comparison with full polarimetric data. Method: Acquire full and dual polarimetric TSX data over study areas for a season. Concurrently gather field data. Perform analysis, compare and evaluate full and dual polarimetric data. Provide Report. Data Requirements: 3 Dual polarimetry and 3 Full polarimetry acquisitions over the growing period of crops and weeds (at 2 month intervals) in 2008-09 for comparative analysis. Deliverables: Analysis Algorithms for partial polarimetry parameter calculations and empirical parameters calculated using field measurements. Reports on research activity and solution development. Funding: APA (Australian Postgraduate Award) Research Scholarship. AUD 2000 p.a. research budget.

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